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Elon Musk Dunks on Pocahantas and Reveals How Much He’ll Pay in Taxes This Year

Liberal nutjobs always want to attack the rich as though they somehow just get away with not paying taxes. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

It’s insane to me that these people who probably don’t pay any taxes at all, complain about the ones who pay millions and billions of dollars in taxes yet they want to say that they need to pay their “fair share”.

If you ask me, they pay more than their fair share. This stems from a generation that really does not have any understanding as to how our economy works. When you continually steal more and more money from the wealthy people who are providing the jobs for everyone else in the country, you penalize the workers, not the rich.

The rich know how to make money, that’s why they have so much of it. But they have businesses to run and if their businesses are not profitable, then they’re not going to run them anymore and ultimately thousands of people will lose their jobs.

The world’s richest man currently, Elon Musk, has been hashing it out with Elizabeth Warren lately over Twitter after she accused him of not paying taxes and freeloading.

He fired back with some tweets of his own calling her out for lying about her Native American heritage

Then he tweeted how much he’ll actually be paying in taxes…$11 billion!

That’s more than anyone else in the history of this country. Yet, he doesn’t pay his fair share and is “freeloading”. What a bunch of goons the Democrats are.

Now, let’s put it into perspective:

Elon Musk became a citizen of the United States of America in 2002 and this year alone is going to pay $11 billion in taxes. That equates to $1.5 million in taxes PER DAY since he became a citizen. Imagine coming to this country and being told, “Yeah, you can come here, but we’re going to require you to pay $1.5 million per day that you’re here.”

Pure insanity.

Photo Credit: Daniel Oberhaus

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