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Election Integrity Hearing Reveals More Than Twice As Many Registered Voters than Town Population (VIDEO)

Even if you scour mainstream media for authentic news about ongoing investigations into voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential Election, you’ll find little. What your dig will uncover in the bowels of the mainstream media is a continued insistence that election fraud is a “big lie”.

It’s not. Mounds of evidence are being uncovered virtually every week. It’s proving that to dismiss the magnitude of fraud is the big lie. Oddly enough, virtually every place with suspicious voter activity, or strange final vote counts, is within a “battleground” or essential “swing state”.

These are the places Joe Biden had to win to have any chance of securing enough Electoral College votes to be named the winner. Many experts still do not believe he did. The more investigations reveal the higher and higher the likelihood is that he did not win.

Biden cheated. President Trump is correct. The 2020 Presidential Election was “the big steal”, not the “big lie”. Arizona is one state with huge questions. Highly suspicious activity occurred in Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania as well.

The ongoing investigations happening across various precincts in Arizona have been extremely revealing. One such investigation involves startling discoveries in Pima County, Arizona. Recently, there was an Election Integrity Hearing.

A number of important players including, State Senators, Sonny Borrelli, Wendy Rogers, Kelly Townsend, plus five State Representatives Mark Finchem, Leo Biasiucci, Theresa Martinez, Neal Carter, and Judy Burges attended the hearing.

Representative Finchem chaired the session. What they reported was astonishing. The data defied all sense of logic. There is no way the numbers that were uncovered could be legit. Therefore, Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona was not legit.

Besides finding strange and unaccounted for mail-in votes throughout the county, there were also fictitious votes that came from a college fraternity house. Of the supposed 27 registered voters, the average age of these “students” was 45-years-old.

This sounds like a perfect plot line for a Rodney Dangerfield comedy, but not a realistic age for college students living at a fraternity house. It was fraud. So too were the more than 100 mail-in votes that came from houses where the name on the ballot did not live.

Other precincts in Pima County produced even more alarming facts. One town had a voter registration tally of its population that hit 200 percent. Another town maxed out at 158 percent registration rate. These towns certainly did “get out the vote”.

Problem is, there is no possible way any organization could produce voter registration counts that were higher than the number of documented residents living there. It was fraud, big fraud. There was one place in Topawa, Arizona that supposedly had 173 registered voters.

No one can account for who these voters were. Maybe they were patriotic illegal migrants? Regardless, these were not authentic registrations. Once again, Joe Biden cheated. The investigation shifted to a place called Sells, Arizona. What Sells, Arizona sold, is vote fraud.

Sells, Arizona, has a voting age population of 1,375. Not a lot of votes. However, Sells, Arizona, really worked hard to “get out the vote”. Sells, Arizona managed to register more than twice as many voters as it has people. This may sound redundant, but Joe Biden cheated.

The 40 registered voters from the Customs and Border Patrol Office in Lukeville, Arizona, cannot be ignored. There aren’t that many agents who work from this office, let alone live there, to legally register to vote. But the CBP office in Lukeville showed 40 voter registrations.

In what clearly appears to be a drastic clerical error, Arizona certified Joe Biden’s win by 10,457 votes. The chunks of evidence already produced will slice that margin to virtually zero. How many more fraudulent votes slipped under the wire in Arizona?

We guarantee there was enough fraud. It’s what pushed Joe Biden over the top. He did not win Arizona. Likewise, there are dozens upon dozens of incidents of fraud in each of the other swing states awarded to Biden. He didn’t win those either. What happened during the 2020 Presidential Election was unconscionable.

Joe Biden stole from more than just President Donald Trump. Biden stole from the American people. He stole one of the most cherished parts of our democracy. He stole our vote. The 2020 Presidential Election was a fraud. Joe Biden is a fraud. He must be held accountable.

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