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Durham’s Russia Hoax Probe Accelerating Fast – Is it time to chant “Lock Her Up”?

Remember when then-candidate Donald Trump ignited cheers of “Lock Her Up”? Do you recall President Trump’s favorite nickname for his conniving opponent in the 2016 election, “Crooked Hillary”? Remember when President Trump insisted he was being spied on?

Well, like with many of the things President Trump tried to impress upon Americans, it turns out he’s more right than we may have even realized. In the spring of 2019, U.S. Attorney General William Barr appointed a special counsel, John Durham.

Barr entrusted Durham with investigating the origins of the Russia collusion hoax. It has been a long and agonizing process for conservatives who sensed something was very wrong. While there was a lot of evidence pointing to corruption, nothing concrete had been exposed.

Even more distressing, no one has yet been held accountable. A recent release of information from Durham’s probe may well change all of that. This was a bombshell. The new report clearly shows that the investigation is accelerating rapidly.

In the most recent report, there is a strong indication that there is a new level of cooperation from people targeted by Durham. The information that could be absorbed from certain high-ranking players in the Durham probe could lead to extensive indictments.

After the latest findings were released, there is now little doubt that future indictments could even inch their way closer to Crooked Hillary Clinton herself. Durham’s report listed a number of individuals with ambiguous title references instead of names.

However, most are confident this list includes such high-ranking officials as former FBI counsel James Baker and former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, Bill Priestap. Both of these referenced officials are slated to testify against Clinton campaign lawyer James Sussman.

Sussman has been charged with lying to the FBI. He’s being investigated for a number of other potential crimes. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton knew about everything. It is highly likely, the control freak that she is, Hillary orchestrated the whole hoax.

Many of the communications exposed by the most recent Durham revelations target both former FBI director James Comey and his agency henchman Peter Strozk. Clinton’s corrupt general counsel, Mark Elias, is also slated to testify. Elias could bring the house down on Hillary.

The investigation is hitting so close to home, that a Department of Justice watchdog has blocked recent requests by Durham investigators. Apparently, the requests include custody of a number of FBI cellphones, including two that belonged to Baker.

Cheats, liars, and otherwise corrupt deep-state bureaucrats have one unique thing in common. When the walls begin to crumble around them, they’ll start to talk, and talk a lot. These people had no sense of personal integrity to begin with. They don’t know the meaning of loyalty.

They won’t defend even their staunchest ally, especially when it puts their own butt in the ringer. You can bet someone is going to sing, and sing loudly. If the right person is willing to testify under oath, Americans may be able to once again chant a popular chorus. “LOCK HER UP!”

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