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Doocy Hurls Criticism At Psaki Over Testing Failures

Doocy Hurls Criticism At Psaki Over Testing Failures

Fox News White House correspondent asks for an explanation from the Obama administration’s former Press Secretary Jen Psaki about why President Joe Biden and his administration have been so “unprepared” for the consequences of a Clinton presidency.

In the wake of spending the majority of his own holiday season isolating with COVID-19, Doocy stated that he followed the advice of Old Uncle Joe, going to Google and typing in “COVID test near me”, and ended up discovering that all available appointments were booked.

After Ben learned of Doocy’s isolation and instantly interrupted his question, Psaki took time to rib him by asking whether he had spent his entire time in quarantine watching his own network.

Responding to this, Doocy said that in addition to watching Fox News content, he had “exhausted the full catalogue of Guy Fieri content.”

A few weekends ago, I was super excited to hear the president mention COVID during his speech. This weekend, when I went to check on the location of my testing appointment, it showed that they were all filled up. Suddenly after this public acknowledgement for our cause, there was no more room at the inn.

“Well, Peter, I’m happy to see you back and well,” stated Psaki. “I would also agree that there has been a surge in cases, as you know and helped with, in D.C. and New York- there’s been an unprecedented demand for the tests, all over the country.”

“We have increased our testing capacity since summer by 4 times & opened 20,000 sites across the country to meet the demand of customers over the upcoming seasons” stated Psaki.

Psaki then took time to try and laud the president’s recent announcement that 50 million Americans will now have access to free tests they need – all this while securing contracts with suppliers who can make more rapid tests and had a stamp of approval for emergency use.

Doocy then pointed out that because patients have to travel, there could be a queue for tests which is in violation of the CDC guidance. He also called Joe Biden out by mentioning that he had promised to send out test kits to the American people, but failed to explain how the administration was scrambling to get this done.


When asked about an upcoming release on the new test kits, Psaki responded briefly, yet Doocy continued to question the issue. “At this rate, it won’t be until the spring and the omicron surge will have already happened before you guys release these free tests,” he stated.


Still, Doocy continued to press, asking if the federal government would think about rolling back their vaccine mandates for all federal employees – which include those working for the USPS – if it ended up meaning that they would keep more employees and could further facilitate the delivery of test kits to Americans more rapidly.


When asked, Psaki said “I am sure. I know we’re ready and we’re eager; we’re looking for the opportunity to take on this challenge without any mandate being countermanded.”

Coincidentally after a large number of people including himself tested positive for COVID-19, despite being vaccinated, Joe Biden still plans to call for a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Psaki went on to state that the language in the quote still applied because there are many people who are unvaccinated and these illnesses can be fatal or often cause hospitalization.

The post-Doocy Hurls Criticism At Psaki Over Testing Failures appeared first on Steadfast and Loyal.



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