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Donald Trump Just Received A Major Honor – Nevada County Memorializes Former President By Renaming Justice Complex

Donald Trump Just Received A Major Honor – Nevada County Memorializes Former President By Renaming Justice Complex

What’s Happening:

After Donald Trump left office, Democrats went to great lengths to try to erase his existence. They did this, hoping that he’d never come back. Right now, Pelosi is conducting a shady “commission” aimed at framing Trump for the J6 events. Some Democrats even put forward bills to ban federal property from being named after the 45th president.

But the country is not on their side. Over the last year, we learned about cities and state governments renaming roads, buildings, and other landmarks after the president. It seems everywhere you look, there are people eager to memorialize Trump’s impact on the country. And now, a justice complex is being named after Trump.

From Las Vegas Review-Journal:

A rural Nevada county has renamed its justice complex after former President Donald J. Trump.

About 50 people attended the formal dedication of the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex in Yerington on Saturday, Lyon County Manager Jeff Page said. The complex, which opened in 2013, houses the sheriff’s office, jail, Third Judicial District Court and Walker River Justice Court.

A county in Nevada has renamed a justice complex after 45th President Trump. The building in Lyon County contains the sheriff’s office, jail, and courts. The county had previously considered renaming a road after Trump. But a justice complex seems more fitting, given Trump’s stance on law and order.

As Democrats give way to criminals and radicals, Trump continues to call for a return to law and order. Under his watch, our law enforcement and military were given the respect and support they deserved. It seems Democrats are deliberately defying Trump’s impact by defunding police and putting criminals on the street.

But most Americans are not standing for the left’s pro-criminal agenda. As things get worse in Democrat-run states, Americans are noticing. Their outrage over the left’s blatant attempts at weakening our society will result in pushback, coming voting time.

Trump’s law and order stance is carried by numerous lawmakers and candidates. Who will, most likely, get swept into office this midterm season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lyon County, Nevada renamed a justice complex after Donald Trump.
  • This comes after Democrats tried to ban renaming buildings after 45.
  • Numerous cities and states have renamed structures after Trump.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal



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