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Donald Trump Jr goes on bizarre rant attacking Jill Biden’s Christmas decor while defending Melania’s dark and strange past

Donald Trump Jr goes on bizarre rant attacking Jill Biden’s Christmas decor while defending Melania’s dark and strange past

In an odd defense of Melania Trump’s predecessor, Donald Trump Jr blasted first lady Jill Biden’s White House Christmas decorations on Tuesday.

This is Biden’s first Christmas at the White House, and many were curious to see how her decorations compared to Melania Trump’s darker-themed decorations from the previous four years.

Image of Melania Trump via Trump administration Flickr/Public Domain

“Anyone who ever criticized Melania’s Christmas decorations needs to apologize right now,” Trump said while sharing a comparison of the two decors in an Instagram post.

In the second photo included in the same post, he said: “Lower expectations! The official Brandon administration.” Referring to the “let’s go Brandon” slogan, which is intended to insult US president Joe Biden. The slogan is a euphemism for “F*** Joe Biden” in conservative circles that sprung from a misheard chant at a NASCAR race in October.

Image via Instagram

“If we lower our expectations any further, we’re gonna turn into an S-hole country, Trump Jr captioned the post.

Biden’s decorations had a softer tone to them.

Her gingerbread house also had a complex landscape with a hospital, a petrol station, a school, a post office, and a grocery shop opposite the White House, which some speculated was a homage to the first responders who were on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s Christmas decorations are not nearly as “stylized or surreal as the Trump-endorsed looks that preceded them”, The New York Times wrote. It added that even though there is plenty of “cheerful and sparkly, but in the context of recent White House holiday styles, it’s positively … accessible.”

“Gifts from the Heart” is this year’s White House Christmas theme. Melania Trump has been chastised in the past for her darker Christmas decorations.

She was captured on an audiotape that was leaking angrily stating, “I’m working … my a** off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

She was also heard stating: “And then I do it, and I say I’m working on Christmas and planning for Christmas and they say, ‘What about the children that are separated?’ Give me a f***ing break.”

Image via Melania Trump’s Twitter

Meanwhile, numerous right commentators criticized the decorations and used the chance to criticize the Biden administration on Donald Trump Jr’s Instagram post.

“Those Christmas decorations are as much of a dumpster fire as that administration is,” one user wrote.

No one will ever forget Melania Trumps ‘brooding Christmas decor… Blood trees and ivory white sticks that resembled witches’ fingers. Many social media users compared the decorations to the Handmaid’s Tale.

In comparison, Jill Biden has gone minimal.  Biden was reportedly inspired by the people she met while her husband was campaigning.


A gingerbread White House diorama, candy cane-like stockings, and The Tree are among the items on display.

The Tree, on the other hand, is brimming with life, with white tinsel wrapped around it to resemble white doves of peace. The tree is safe and peaceful and two many an image of relief as it reminds us the Trump era is behind them.

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