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Donald Trump Gets His Vengeance On CNN – He Says The President’s Downfall Was Not An Affair, It Was Ratings

Donald Trump Gets His Vengeance On CNN – He Says The President’s Downfall Was Not An Affair, It Was Ratings

What’s Happening:

Yesterday the news dropped that CNN was ousting their long-time president, Jeff Zucker. The man announced the change himself. In his statement, he claimed his resignation was due to a “consensual relationship” that he refused to disclose to the company. But some people begged to differ.

Other members of the network were able to stay on, for doing seemingly worse. Why would Zucker leave over a relationship? Donald Trump decided to weigh in on the news. And he’s blasting his long-time nemesis, CNN. He relished Zucker’s defeat and declared it had nothing to do with the affair.

From NY Post:

Former President Donald Trump alleged Thursday that a 90 percent drop in ratings was what really brought down CNN boss Jeff Zucker, who abruptly resigned in disgrace Wednesday after admitting he had hidden a long-running romantic affair with the network’s chief spokeswoman, Allison Gollust…

“Zucker is happy and proud (and lucky!) that he can have a relationship.

“He is out because of horrible ratings down 90%, an all-time low!,” the 45th president added.

Donald Trump responded to Zucker’s departure from CNN by claiming the real reason he was leaving. He doesn’t seem to believe it had anything to do with Zucker’s relationship with a former colleague, Allison Gollust. Trump seems to think it had something to do with CNN’s titanically bad drop in ratings.

We previously speculated that shareholders and CNN’s parent company are in no way pleased with CNN’s decline. Since Trump left office, the network has lost 90% of its viewership. That is beyond bad. That is the kind of drop that shuts down most companies. How could its president continue, in the face of such failure?

Yet we are told Zucker left because of an undisclosed relationship. That could be true or that could be Zucker’s attempt at saving face. He’d rather say he was caught dating a co-worker than say he was fired for simply terrible ratings.

Trump has no problem declaring that as the reason for Zucker’s departure. It certainly has the ring of truth. But we’ll probably never know. CNN might be forced to hide that reason if it was in fact why he left. And Zucker certainly won’t admit to it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Donald Trump weighed in on Jeff Zucker’s termination from CNN.
  • He claimed it was over CNN’s 90% drop in ratings, not a relationship.
  • Trump has had a long feud with the network, since before he was president.

Source: NY Post



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