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Documents Reveal U.S. Government Wasted Millions Injecting Puppies with Illegal Substance

A global pandemic, the worst health crisis in over 100 years, has brought science into the limelight. This public exposure has not been flattering. Scientific minds, those we’ve entrusted to provide us with critical medical advice, have failed.

Now, squarely in the spotlight, scientific methods, practices, and procedures are being scrutinized. Not only have experts missed the mark on COVID, often drastically, but there have also been other startling revelations brought to light.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the agency run by the notorious Dr. Anthony Fauci, is a constant part of the news cycle. The news has rarely been good. Fauci became the most visible figure in the battle against the pandemic.

He stood in front of the American people and insisted we give him 15 days to flatten some curve. “Follow the science”, Fauci urged. The so-called curve never flattened. Things have been going downhill for Fauci and the rest of his corrupt bureaucrats ever since.

He’s now in the unflattering spotlight for having hidden the true origins of the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci is not a good person. He is an entrenched bureaucrat who will lie to save his own skin. Now, new reports reveal Fauci is behind an even more hideous abuse of science.

Fauci’s NIH helped funnel funds into the virology laboratory responsible for unleashing COVID on the world. He’s also been channeling money into the Charles River Laboratories. What’s been reported to have happened during experiments at Charles River is astonishing.

The experiments involving gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses led to the deaths of millions. The sickening research at the Charles River labs tortures animals. Through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), it was revealed that the NIH spent over $2.3 million on these experiments.

The first experiments began in late 2020. Researchers used six-month-old beagle puppies. These dogs had a “telemetry unit” implanted in them to monitor their vital signs. Next, the researchers strapped the puppies into drug-injecting jackets.

The poor animals were then tortured by injecting them with cocaine and an experimental compound. This study was attempting to determine the interactions that could happen when these two drugs were present.

This research was not only unnecessary, it was blatantly cruel. These are what our researchers today are doing. Worst of all, we’re paying for these new-age evil scientists. The White Coat Waste Project is responsible for exposing the atrocities.

Public Policy and Communications Manager, Devin Murphy, spoke with The National Pulse. Murphy insists, “Taxpayers should not be forced to foot the multi-million-dollar bill for wasteful and cruel Coke Hound experiments.”

He feels the NIH is addicted to spending taxpayer money on frivolous and worthless scientific experiments. Murphy went on to say, “These dogs experienced more pain before their first birthday than any dog should have to experience in its lifetime.”

These experiments continued into March 2021, despite the FDA’s saying that they do not require any such testing to be performed on dogs. This funding followed the same channels as other research money that supported the “de-barking” of beagle puppies to silence their cries.

If the world had a real-life “Underdog”, these creepy “Simon Bar Sinister” researchers would get what’s coming to them. They’re really “Riff Raff” scum. However, these puppies don’t have “Shoeshine Boy” canines, with Superman-like powers, to save them. These poor animals need our help.

Taxpayers must hold our elected officials accountable. They are the ones that refuse to monitor how these self-absorbed intellectuals spend U.S. tax dollars. This has nothing to do with science. It has everything to do with ghoulish animal cruelty. It must stop.

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