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Demon Hackers Infiltrate and Shut Down GiveSendGo Website

Liberals are really going after the truckers who are protesting in Canada.

And this is also insane to me because in 2020 When there was fundraising for criminals to get out of jail and to conduct riots everyone was supporting this. Liberals didn’t care that people were out there breaking windows and causing damage. They claimed that it was justified. And even GoFundMe had several campaigns for these criminals. I never heard any liberals complaining about that. However, now that people want to simply preserve their own freedom they call them insurrectionists because they have been forced to take action to protect themselves and to defend their freedom. This is freaking ridiculous!

Now hackers have shut down the GiveSendGo website and they put up a message for all to see.

Finally, I’ll clarify the goals behind the shutdown of gifts and go, which will likely be temporary. GiveSendGo has a history of providing a platform for individuals and organized groups to fund hate groups, promote this information and interaction disguised as “protests” most of their larger campaigns are, in some way, a continuing threat to democracy.

Foreign money being used to sponsor efforts to destabilize governments by co-opting commonly held grievances stemming from pandemic fatigue is a very serious matter.

Sadly, GiveSendGo will restore their systems and continue operating. Also, there is lots of talk about using cryptocurrency and NFTs are an emerging threat to be considered. The data from this breach data will be provided and its entirety to researchers and journalists so that the impact of foreign political interference can be better understood and sensible, informed policy decisions can be made to defend against this growing threat.

There was much more sad but rather than typing it all out I will just include this video where you can see what was actually written in its entirety

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