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Democrats Up to Their Old Crooked Tricks – Trying to Rig the 2022 Midterm Elections

The amount of evidence exposing how the liberal left rigged the 2020 presidential election is overwhelming. Dead people voted. Drop boxes were stuffed with illegal ballots. Computerized voting machine software switched votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden cheated. Corruption by big tech, the mainstream media, and social media platforms helped to further rig the election. However, gutless Republican legislators and pusillanimous circuit court judges were too afraid to challenge the “deep state establishment”.

President Trump’s claims that the election was rigged and stolen are true. Millions of Americans clearly believe this to be true. Close to half the country still doesn’t believe Joe Biden legitimately won the election.

Two-thirds of Republicans think Biden cheated. We’d think, with the extensive amount of proof, that something would have been done. Little has. Nevertheless, some conservative states have instituted election laws to stop Democrats from cheating again.

With a keen eye on the upcoming 2022 midterms, we’d think the liberal left would be wary of trying to cheat again. However, these crooks are truly brazen. Conservatives need to expect the liberal mainstream media to carry water for the Democrats.

Most voters appreciate this is a totally corrupt union. The same situation applies to the heavily left-leaning pundits that control big tech and social media. Conservative voices can expect to be shadow-banned or outright blocked.

Until conservatives take back control of Capitol Hill, nothing here is going to change. It might be like moving a mountain to motivate Republicans to bring the hammer down on big tech when a conservative majority exists.

Nevertheless, regardless of the purposeful manipulation of the news narrative or cheating at the ballot box, Democrats are planning to rig the 2024 midterms another way. When Republicans adjust state voting maps to accurately reflect current districts, liberals call it gerrymandering.

When liberals do the same thing, they call it redistricting. The hypocrisy would be funny if not so blatantly mind-boggling. Democrats are skilled at coordinating the narrative to fit their agenda. According to them, what they do is always good.

Their pompous self-righteousness is nauseating. However, when Republicans honestly use similar methods, it’s evil. Well, they’re at it again. Democrat state legislators are working behind the scenes to manipulate the composition of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The first state they’re targeting is the liberal-haven New York. New York has long leaned Democrat. However, they’re trying to secure an even wider edge. Today, the U.S. House has 19 Democrats and eight Republicans. They want to steal one House seat at a time.

In New York, Democrats are trying to secure a 20th U.S. representative. They have their eye on additional NY seats as well. New York State GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy insists that it is a “brazen and outrageous attempt at rigging the election to keep Nancy Pelosi as speaker.”

This may be only a single seat, but as Democrats bleed their devious plan across the country, they’ll attempt to steal more votes for Nancy Pelosi. The Washington Post reported that this same “gerrymandering” tactic could be used to win Democrats another five seats.

They’re trying to strategically shift precinct lines to take advantage of regions where Joe Biden supposedly earned more votes in 2020. They’re also precincts where he cheated. Democrats scream venomously against Republican-passed legislation that helps ensure voter integrity.

However, they cheat and manipulate voter rolls and election maps whenever they can. Again, the hypocrisy is almost as bad as the cheating itself. Republican lawmakers across the country are fighting these attempts to rig upcoming elections.

Democrats realize that their hold on the United States House of Representatives is tenuous at best. Most experts predict a monumental landslide for Republicans in November. However, Democrats have their old fallback strategy. They can cheat.

The so-called redistricting moves, plus other insane changes to state voter laws, have a singular purpose. It’s always been the same. That’s the reason for the open border crisis. The same reason is the underlying motive behind a federal takeover of elections. It’s about securing power.

Democrats want to be able to rig every single election. They’ll begin at the federal level. If they can take over every single branch of the federal government, they’ll ramrod through policies that cement them in power forever. These gerrymandering attempts are not an isolated incident.

Democrats have cheated before, and they are planning to cheat again. They have no ethical morals. Democrat policies are failures, so they must cheat. As we inch closer to the 2024 midterms, conservatives must stand up for democracy.

Democrats are trying to seize permanent power. They want to change America into a single-party socialist country. We cannot allow it to happen. The 2020 election truly was big. However, for all intents and purposes, that election is over. The future is what matters now.

As liberals inch our nation closer to socialism, November 5, 2024, will be a decisive day for American democracy. We will either cease to be a democracy, or we will “Save America”. Americans must halt this assault. Our freedom is at stake. We must make the right choice.

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