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Democrats Pushing Gun Control Again…You’re Not Going to Like This

You knew it was coming again. Democrats are once again trying to infringe on our Second Amendment with unconstitutional firearm restrictions and other laws related in another attempt to squash some of our freedoms.

This time they have once again resurrected the idea of a federal firearm registry. Now don’t forget that federal law already prohibits the creation of such a registry but as you know the Biden regime does not care about the law which is why they have been struck down multiple times by the Supreme Court. How many times can a person break the law which is what this administration has been doing without consequences?

Even though it’s illegal to do so the Biden regime has decided that they’re going to attempt to create a federal firearm registry anyway. This would entail collecting huge amounts of data from dealers and other transactions within certain states which would include those done under universal background checks.

Now what Biden is trying to do is push universal background checks even farther so that this list of his that he’s creating can be even more complete.

It seems astonishingly wild to me that he wants to create some sort of additional list when lists already exist. If you have firearms that you have purchased over the years, recent years, then you know that you’re already registered because there’s a serial number on the firearm and they know who it belongs to. Why does Joe Biden need anything else?

Gun control activists push for registration as a way to solve crime. In theory, if criminals leave registered guns at a crime scene, they can then be traced back to the perpetrator. But in real life, a gun is usually left at the scene of a crime only when the gunman has been seriously injured or killed. Also, guns used in crimes are rarely registered. In the exceedingly unusual instances that they are, they aren’t registered to the person who committed the crime. However, with both the criminal and weapon present at the scene, police can solve these crimes even without registration.

It’s like I always say, criminals don’t follow the law. Even if they purchased the gun legally, they would just get rid of the serial number.

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