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Democrats Caught Reading The Same Doomsday Script – Supercut Claims Midterm Loss Will Be The ‘End Of Democracy’

Democrats Caught Reading The Same Doomsday Script – Supercut Claims Midterm Loss Will Be The ‘End Of Democracy’

What’s Happening:

When Trump was president, we often heard the same talking points coming from the MSM. Oddly enough, different politicians, pundits, and figures all from different networks and channels all said the same thing. It’s as if they all got together and decided on what to say—maybe it was because they are all members of the same political party?

Or perhaps they are all on a text chain with George Soros?

But you’ll be happy to know that the liberal media continues to read from the same, shared script. It’s no secret Democrats are facing major losses in the midterm elections. That’s due to their own corruption and failures over last year. But to scare gullible voters into electing the same policies that didn’t work in 2021, the crooked media are making the exact same claim—even using the same words.

From YouTube:


Wow, they really must think we’re stupid, don’t they? Not only are they spreading the most absurd and unbelievable propaganda, but they are using the same phrasing—further proving it’s all a script.

Once upon a time, the liberal media was good at spinning a convincing narrative that Americans swallowed as fact. Today, they are the laziest bunch of losers we’ve had the misfortune of covering. Everyone from former star Rosie O’Donnell to Rachel Maddow is claiming that if Democrats lose in 2022, it’s the “end of democracy.”

Really? Why? What have Democrats done to convince us they are in the business of “protecting” our democracy? Just because you call yourselves “Democrats” doesn’t mean you care about American democracy. In fact, these are the same goons that tried to pass two bills that would have destroyed Americans’ voices in their own elections.

What did Democrats do last year to help democracy? Nothing. In fact, they sat back as Biden forced mandates that trampled on Americans’ constitutional rights. They certainly weren’t protecting our democratic freedoms, then. In the years since Democrats took the House, they pushed two impeachments against a democratically-elected president, just because he was from the opposing party.

That looked a lot like an attack on our democracy to me.

And how is Republicans taking back Congress going to “end” democracy? What are Republicans proposing that would erase our votes and deprive Americans’ representation in government? Remember, Democrats locked us in our homes for over a year and still refuse to let some of us from going to restaurants without a “passport.” That doesn’t sound like the policies of freedom-loving, defenders of democracy, huh?

But by all means, Democrats, keep using the same script. You sound like lemmings going off the cliff.

Key Takeaways:

  • A supercut reveals how liberal media pundits are repeating the same narrative lines.
  • They claim if Democrats lose in 2022 it will be quote, the “end of democracy.”
  • This comes as Democrats failed to pass bills that would have destroyed our election integrity.

Source: YouTube



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