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Democrats Are “Eating Their Own” – Progressives Are Going After Five Democrats Standing In The Way Of Their Radical Agenda

Democrats Are “Eating Their Own” – Progressives Are Going After Five Democrats Standing In The Way Of Their Radical Agenda

What’s Happening:

We’ve been covering the ongoing Democrat Civil War for a while now. Ever since Pelosi let far-left progressives take over the House, moderates have been on the offensive. They blame radicals for losses in 2020—and fear progressives will doom the party in this year’s midterms.

Biden has been no help, bowing to the far left’s whims time and again. These radicals don’t seem to realize their socialist agenda is not popular among most Americans. In fact, they are pushing ahead with their extreme plans. How far are they going? They are actually going after five of their own party members.

From The Hill:

Progressives are preparing to try to clear out Democrats they say are hampering their ability to remodel the country while their party still controls Congress…

“We need strong progressives in Congress to have some sort of counterweight and leverage against the conservative, corporate backed Democrats who are an obstacle to delivering results,” said Waleed Shaheed, a spokesperson for Justice Democrats, a progressive group that has backed several liberal challengers to Democratic incumbents in recent years.

Isn’t that funny? These progressives are so far left, they call moderate Democrats (who are still very liberal) “conservative.” That’s rich. The five they are trying to take down, by running primary races against them, include outspoken critics of Biden’s failed policies and Democrats smart enough to stand against the left’s radical agenda.

They want to beat Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from South Texas that has criticized Biden’s open border policy. Although a liberal, Cuellar could not sit back and watch his communities overrun with migrants. He was the one who broke the news first, with leaked footage of Biden’s detention centers. Of course, progressives need to get rid of a whistleblower like that.

They are dreaming, though, if they think a progressive will win in Texas, especially since South Texas is becoming redder and redder.

The other Democrats the far left are trying to get rid of hail from New York, Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee, all places where progressive policies have hurt Democrats. Progressives think they can secure their radical agenda by beating moderate Democrats in the primaries. But chances are, if they manage to get socialists nominated, they will have a tough battle against Republicans, who are in a good position as enemies of Biden’s failed agenda.

That’s especially true in Ohio and Tennessee.

It’s pretty hilarious that these socialists think their solution is to get rid of the few Democrats that have a chance at winning. These progressives refuse to admit it’s their policies that have doomed the party. The far-left agenda embraced by Biden (crafted by Bernie Sanders) crashed and burned. Not because moderates stood in their way, but because the American people don’t want it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Progressives are trying to primary 5 moderate Democrats in the midterms.
  • These moderates come from red or swing states and might easily lose to Republicans.
  • Far-left socialists blame moderates for Biden’s failed agenda.

Source: The Hill



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