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Democrat Governor Panics After Judge Rules Ballot Drop Boxes Illegal in the State

As you and I are both aware, one of the biggest problems with the 2020 Presidential election and all elections is mail-in voting.

Democrats want to make mail-in voting the norm because it’s the easiest way to tamper with an election. For goodness sakes many ballots even tell you on the outside whether or not the ballot is a Republican ballot or a Democrat ballot.

To play devil’s advocate here, if I were a Democrat and I were trying to ensure that my desired candidate won, I would make sure I got rid of any ballots that I knew were Republican ballots because the greatest likelihood is that they voted for the other candidate. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, but for some reason Democrats can’t figure that out.

Honestly, that’s just giving them the benefit of the doubt. In reality, I fully believe that they know that they can win elections that way and that’s why they want mail-in voting.

Some Democrat states are running into problems though that may jeopardize their ability to remain blue. Take Wisconsin for example:

A just in the Waukesha County Circuit Court issued a judgment stating that ballot drop boxes in the state of Wisconsin are BANNED!!

On top of that, the judge also banned illegal ballot harvesting as well.

Now these are all fine and dandy, but the thing that I always say is that criminals don’t care about the law. They know it’s wrong to begin with, so I really don’t know if these new judgments will have any affect to deter criminals from participating in these activities.

Now, Governor Tony Evers is in panic mode and is trying to fundraise to fight back.

For most of my life, no matter where someone stood on the political spectrum, I used to be able to assume that almost everyone I met agreed that here in America, folks should have the right and ability to vote and make their voice heard.

Sadly, in 2022, I can no longer say that. A radical well-funded special interest group and my opponent, Rebecca Kleefisch, both filed lawsuits with the goal of banning absentee ballot drop-off boxes in the state of Wisconsin.

A judge took their side by ruling to ban absentee drop-off boxes. Even worse, a group of her close advisors and donors were caught trying to send fake electors to swing the 2020 election against the will of voters…

He then proceeds to beg for money to “defend voting rights in Wisconsin”.

Gov. Evers is just worried now that there is a possibility of a fair election that he may lose…and he should be.

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