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Democrat Donna Brazile Goes After Biden – Even She Can’t Handle The High Inflation At The Grocery Store

Democrat Donna Brazile Goes After Biden – Even She Can’t Handle The High Inflation At The Grocery Store

What’s Happening:

Well, well, well. March 1st is just around the corner. And Joe Biden will have to stand up before the American people and explain to them just why the country is in such a mess. We can’t predict what Biden will say during the State of the Union address.

Given his track record, he might actually pretend everything is going great! That his policies have helped more than they hurt.

But we all know the score. And so does former DNC chair Donna Brazile. The top Democrat was asked what Biden should do during this SOTU. And this Democrat, who is known for calling out her own party, pulled no punches. She leveled Biden over these major issues.

From YouTube:


Donna Brazile hammered Biden during a segment discussing the upcoming State of the Union address. She said that Biden will have to explain why inflation is so high. Why are Americans forced to pay so much for basic things like eggs and bacon? Brazile herself was particularly upset that bacon is now “$9.00 a pound.” And she’s not the only one.

Brazile demanded Biden try to “talk” to the American people. Perhaps she hopes Biden will be able to reason with us and help us understand why things are the way they are. But we doubt he will make a good case. Many of the problems hurting us today were caused by Biden. He triggered runaway inflation. He did nothing about the supply chain. He opened the border. And he put people out of work through welfare and mandates.

For someone like Brazile to be admitting it’s so bad, you know it’s pretty bad. Democrats can’t pretend like our current problems are anybody’s fault but their own. What is Biden going to do? Blame Trump? It was the Democrats who were in charge all last year. They were the ones who sat on their hands or made the problems much worse.

Even the problems overseas Biden is partly responsible for. No matter what Biden says, he is not going to win over angry Americans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden is set to give the State of the Union address on March 1st.
  • Donna Brazile gave Joe some “advice” for his speech.
  • She called out Joe over runaway inflation and other crises hurting our country.

Source: YouTube



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