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Days After Joe’s Approval Hits Historic Low – Jill Biden Tries To Distract The Nation By Adopting A Pet Cat

Days After Joe’s Approval Hits Historic Low – Jill Biden Tries To Distract The Nation By Adopting A Pet Cat

What’s Happening:

Plenty of political and legal experts have weighed in on Biden’s sinking approval. Biden’s popularity among Americans is so low, his administration (for all intents and purposes) is powerless. He lacks enough support from the people to get anything done. And it seems, with each passing day, it gets worse.

A smart administration would look for ways to right the ship. Most presidents would adjust their plans at this point, hoping to win back support. Perhaps they would even try to cooperate with the opposing party, to find some common ground. What is this administration doing?

Uh… well… Jill Biden just got a cat!

From Breitbart:

First Lady Jill Biden announced Friday that she is getting a cat, as President Joe Biden suffers record-low approval ratings.

Jill Biden announced the arrival of the First Cat on social media.

The cat is named Willow and is from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania who previously met the First Lady on the campaign trail.

I don’t think this administration really understands what social media is for. Nor does it understand just how badly the situation they are in is. As Biden’s approval tanks, Jill Biden revealed she just got a White House cat—named after her hometown of Willow Grove, PA.

Um… all we can say is, we hope that cat stays far away from Joe’s dog. That damn thing loves to bite Secret Service agents (and anyone else). God knows what it’d do to a cat!

Why are on earth is the administration wasting time on this? We don’t begrudge Jill from getting a pet—she needs someone smart to talk to at night—but there are much bigger problems facing the nation, right now. Biden just gave Putin a green light to invade Ukraine, for crying out loud. Is this really the best you can do?

Even the cat doesn’t look all that excited to be there. It actually looks pretty shocked it has found itself on this sinking ship.

It’s eerily prophetic that Jill has adopted a cat, right now. Instead of getting a sweet, innocent puppy who would show love and affection for those around it, she got a cat. You know, the creatures that are totally indifferent to the cares and problems of the human race?

Kind of like the Biden administration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jill Biden announced the new White House cat, Willow.
  • This comes as Joe Biden’s approval continues to decline, reaching new lows.
  • The administration struggles with numerous crises, unable to solve them.

Source: Breitbart



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