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Cross Country Skier Olympic Skier Suffer UNBEARABLY Painful

Most are probably familiar with the old joke about needing to “take a cold shower”. Sometimes, situations in life might benefit from “cooling down the private parts”. However, for one Olympic cross-country skier, things got a bit too cold.

If you’re not a fan of Olympic cross-country skiing, then you might not appreciate how these athletes must endure the elements. The 50 km cross-country event takes roughly two hours to complete. That means there’s going to be a lot of time spent outdoors in icy, frigid temperatures.

During the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, China, the temperatures became unnaturally frigid. It got so cold that male skiers needed to take extra precautions to protect certain private appendages. Unfortunately, Finnish cross-country skier Remi Lindholm failed to do so.

Lindholm didn’t protect his peniѕ area sufficiently. It was so cold that the 50 km race was shortened down to 30 km. This still didn’t save Lindholm from some excruciating pain. As he attempted to warm himself up, the pain became agonizing.

Beyond this Finnish skier’s unfortunate frozen mishap, there were other issues at the XXIV Winter Olympic Games. A Russian skater, Kamila Valieva, tested positive for a banned substance.

It wasn’t so much the revelation of a negative drug test that turned out to be the issue. The issue became how the failed test was treated. Despite the positive test for trimetazidine, the 15-year-old Russian skater was permitted to compete.

It left a sour taste in some. Former Olympic skater and NBC commentator Tara Lipinski told viewers, “But a positive test is a positive test. She cannot skate.” Nevertheless, in the end, Valieva did get to skate. The controversial Olympic Games went off without many issues.

However, for anyone appreciative of the barbaric practices of the Chinese Communist Party, it was somewhat hypocritical. Millions of normally avid Olympic viewers must have been unnerved and chose not to watch.

The XXIV Olympic Games produced some of the worst viewer ratings in modern Olympic history. Most felt NBC’s coverage was a total flop. Maybe the next time there’s a decision to hold a world sporting event in an oppressive country, the organizers will think twice.

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