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Country Music Singer Fought Back Against Cancel Culture…And Won!

I’m thankful to see that the Cancel Culture has slowly been losing its steam and its power lately after getting everyone canceled.

Last year (I can say that now about 2021), the Cancel Culture targeted country music star Morgan Wallen after he used the n-word in private which was actually captured on video by a neighbor.

For those not aware of the situation, Morgan Wallen was suspended by his record label, his songs were pulled from iHeart Radio, Cumulus, Pandora, and SiriusXM. On top of that CMT canceled his videos and he was disinvited from the Country Music Awards.

He apologized for using the word and as someone who grew up in the South, I 100% understand what he means by when he said that he didn’t use the word in a derogatory manner and that it was just playful. That’s what people do in the South, but it’s typically not meant in any racist fashion.

The word is rooted in racism and because it still carries those connotations I think that the word should not ever be said by anyone unless it’s for a historical and instructive purpose, but even then you could just say “the n-word”.

Well, Morgan Wallen has come out on the other side of the attempts to cancel him and is victorious.

Wallen finally emerged from his self-imposed hiatus toward the end of 2021. And, we’re just learning, his record sales boomed during his tumultuous year. He crushed 2021 by having the number one selling album of the year, “Dangerous: The Double Album.”

The release beat out stiff competition from Adele, Drake and Olivia Rodrigo.

That’s not all, though.

The far-Left Variety reports Wallen now sits atop the Hip-Hop music charts thanks to “Broadway Girls.”

The track, teaming Wallen with rapper Lil Durk, needed roughly a week to climb Billboard’s R&B/hip-hop charts. And Wallen’s hip-hop connections aren’t over.

He just appeared with Druski, a black comic, on a Clubhouse talk show. The conversation avoided the “n-word” incident and focused on music, future hip-hop collaborations and small talk.

The black community should be the angriest about Wallen’s use of the “n-word,” to state the obvious. That his latest song soared up the R&B/Hip-Hop charts, which routinely features artists of color and boasts a diverse fan base, speaks volumes for how Wallen was treated during the past year.

You know, one other thing I think of with this is that his neighbors must hate him for them to turn over this video to TMZ and try to ruin his career. I understand maybe the idea of trying to hold him accountable, but if that was the case, then why not just go and talk to him about it? They could have said, “Hey, look. I got you on video last night saying something that you shouldn’t have said. You need to change your attitude about that word because it’s not something that should be said at all.”

But why would they be videoing him in the first place if they weren’t trying to catch something juicy on video to harm him with?

Daily Wire

Photo Credit: YouTube/Morgan Wallen

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