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CNN Sent Tumbling By Major Resignation And New Evidence – Zucker’s Girlfriend Gollust Is Out, Investigation Shows Firings About News Coverage

CNN Sent Tumbling By Major Resignation And New Evidence – Zucker’s Girlfriend Gollust Is Out, Investigation Shows Firings About News Coverage

What’s Happening:

Last week, Donald Trump took a victory lap after Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, resigned. Trump speculated it had nothing to do with the “consensual relationship” Zucker had with Allison Gollust. That something bigger was happening. Of course, the MSM ignored him.

Now we are learning that Zucker’s gal pal is out too.

From Breitbart:

CNN chief marketing officer Allison Gollust has resigned from the embattled network following a lengthy investigation into former president Jeff Zucker and former anchor Chris Cuomo.

Well, well, well. Isn’t this interesting? Gollust is out and it has nothing to do with her relationship with Zucker. They may have wanted to keep the real reason a secret. But CNN’s Stelter is blowing the lid off this scandal.

From Twitter:

Brand new memo from Jason Kilar: “The investigation found violations of Company policies, including CNN’s News Standards and Practices, by Jeff Zucker, Allison Gollust, and Chris Cuomo.”

What do ya know? Trump was right again. The 45th president doubted Zucker’s excuse for leaving CNN. He speculated he was fired. Now, we are learning that Zucker and Gollust were fired over the same investigation into Chris Cuomo’s activities. This is pretty alarming.

Chris tried to help his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, slander women accusing him of harassment. Chris Cuomo was using CNN connections and resources to find dirt on these women to discredit their stories. A clear violation of whatever journalistic integrity CNN still possesses. It was so bad, that CNN quickly fired Cuomo, once word go out.

But it seems that he was not alone in his attempts to undermine justice. The president of the entire network, along with his top lieutenant (and main squeeze) were working to help Andrew Cuomo slander these women. So much for the left’s claims that they believe all women, huh?

The report does not pull any punches when it condemns Zucker, Gollust, and Cuomo. They violated “Company policies” and were terminated because of it. This is a direct contradiction of what Zucker recently claimed, that he chose to step down over his relationship with Gollust.

I guess he wasn’t counting on this report being released to the public, huh? It seems Zucker plays it fast and loose with the truth in and out of work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Allison Gollust, Jeff Zucker’s partner, has been fired from CNN, shortly after his exit.
  • A new report reveals Zucker, Gollust, and Cuomo were fired over their attempts to help Andrew Cuomo.
  • Chris and the others attempted to slander women who accused the former governor of harassment.

Source: Breitbart, Twitter



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