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CNN Really Is Flabbergasted About Why Rogan Is So Popular

After the recent upheaval, CNN is fully determined to figure out just why Joe Rogan and his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” have such critically acclaimed popularity and sports millions of listeners all across the globe. As a way to crack the case, the media titan, which Don Lemon claims is made up of fearless truth-teller and journalism graduates held an interview with two so-called “experts” on the subject about why Rogan has such a rabidly loyal fanbase.

The “expert” segment sported the same feel like a parody of an actual interview as it spouted the most basic of advice for straight-news journalism– which, supposedly, CNN spouts on a daily basis. Overall, the guests on CNN just stated that the main reason that Rogan was so successful was that he holds interviews with people all across the political spectrum, he trusts his audience to make their own conclusions and doesn’t force his view on them, and due to his background in comedy, he is very entertaining.

That’s the entire super secret technique to Rogan’s podcast empire. Despite it seeming quite easy to understand, CNN stated that it needed its own spotlight and film production.

“Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcast hosts in the world, despite a series of controversies. CNN Business spoke with a researcher who has studied his appeal to explain why his audience loves him,” stated CNN in a tweet.

“Joe Rogan hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world,” exclaims a voice playing over a montage of Rogan claiming that he is not an anti-vax person.

“But despite his claims, he has used his platform to make false and inaccurate statements about COVID-19 and vaccines,” continues the voice.

Rogan can then be heard saying that if “you’re a healthy person and you’re exercising all the time, and you’re young, and you’re eating well..I don’t think you need to worry about this,” seemingly in reference to COVID-19.

The faceless narrator goes on to claim that despite various false claims like that, along with racist jokes that Rogan has since apologized for, Rogan is still “wildly popular.”

“The question is, why?” asked the narrator.

In order to determine just why Rogan maintains such a loyal and massive audience, CNN held an interview with a research fellow at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Gabriel Wisnewski-Parks.

“I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours listening to Joe Rogan,” claimed Wisnewski-Parks in the video.

“What makes him so magnetic to his audience is his very vocal resistance to tribalism,” claimed the guest. “This is somebody who can have on his podcast Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones, and have deep and interesting, meaningful conversations with them and then in one other breath he can have on Cornell West and Bernie Sanders and do the exact same thing.”

“And this really resonates with people,” the research fellow tried to explain to CNN. The UNC at Greensboro also stated that his background as a comedian should not be counted off as part of his appeal.

Another “expert” brought on to be interviewed by CNN explained that Rogan does not take any efforts to produce or edit his interviews and conversations the way some news sources so to change the meaning. Audiences tend to react well with not being forced into a singular line of thought, she explained to the network.

“Joe Rogan does have these off-the-cuff conversations, and I think that there’s a reason why that format has become so popular.” claimed one cultural writer, Kat Rosenfield.

“The audience feels they’re being trusted to draw their own conclusions,” stated Rosenfield about JRE. “And that stands in really stark contrast to the way that a lot of other outlets have sort of shifted in the direction of covering the news, and analyzing the news, in the way that really feels like they’re pushing the audience towards making the proper conclusions.”

Overall. “Joe Rogan’s podcast absolutely has the potential to be dangerous,” concluded Wisnewski-Parks, “…but it can be just as dangerous if we’re going to start censoring because we need to figure out how to keep open those lines of communications in a way that is both critical and willing to question Joe Rogan’s authority but at the same time recognizes that his appeal and popularity are already entrenched in his audience — and that’s not going anywhere.”


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