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Clarence Thomas Targeted In Democrat Conspiracy – They’re Using January 6th To Knock Him Out

Clarence Thomas Targeted In Democrat Conspiracy – They’re Using January 6th To Knock Him Out

What’s Happening:

As Democrats march closer to a painful midterm cycle, they are grasping at straws. They fear what might come in November. And more than that, they fear what this conservative Supreme Court will do to damage their radical agenda. They might be replacing one justice, but there are still 6 conservatives to their 3 liberals.

So, what are power-hungry socialists to do? Find a way to undermine the power and influence of the highest court in the land. It is unethical to go after a justice, who has the solemn duty to uphold our laws. But that’s never stopped a liberal. They are actually trying to sideline a top justice, because of his wife’s work.

From Western Journal:

Rarely has so much been written about so little than the spate of recent articles from liberal journalists targeting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas over the political activism of his wife, Virginia.

The central point made in all of the stories is that Thomas should recuse himself in more cases because of his wife’s involvement in conservative causes, including statements she made in support of the Jan. 6, 2021, protests in Washington…

Unless there is some clear conflict of interest — such as his wife, another family member or a close friend being a party in a case — Thomas has the latitude to make the call.

Democrats have been spewing out articles suggesting Justice Thomas should recuse himself from upcoming cases because of his wife’s work. This is pretty rich. Democrats have exploited jobs, governmental seats, entire offices, and judgeships for their radical activism. Their spouses have connections that create major conflicts of interest in their policymaking.

Yet these hypocrites think they can intimidate a Supreme Court justice because his wife is involved in conservative causes?

Give me a break.

This isn’t the first time in recent years that Democrats have tried to manipulate or intimidate Supreme Court justices. Chuck Schumer blatantly threatened the court to vote his way, or else. Liberals in the media targeted Justices Kavanaugh and Barret, in attempts to coerce their votes.

This is an egregious breach of our government and the separation of powers. Yet nothing is off-limits to these folks, who want to turn the United States into Venezuela. Chances are, Thomas will in no way bow to this agenda. But that might not stop these leftists from finding new ways to tarnish the sacred duty of this court.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liberals online are pressuring Justice Thomas to recuse himself over his wife.
  • They claim her conservative work prevents him from presiding.
  • This comes as Democrats recently try to intimidate members of the bench.

Source: Western Journal



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