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Chuck Schumer Wants YOU To Pay $1.5 Billion For a New York State Bill Even if You Don’t Live There!

Radical liberals want your guns. If they had their way, they’d send federal agents into every U.S. home to seize every single legally owned firearm. This has been their plan for years. While their plans have invariably stalled on a national level, left-wing lawmakers are targeting liberal states.

The “head liberal” in the U.S. Senate says he wants to fund a task force to target illegal guns in his own progressive state. New York Senator Chuck Schumer wants American taxpayers to finance a $1.5 billion effort to fix conditions in liberal-run and crime-ridden states.

This is not only ridiculous, it’s wrong. Conscientious legal gun owners in other states would have to pay to fix the problems that New York’s liberal bureaucracy has created. This isn’t an uncommon trick practiced by blue state bureaucrats.

Democrat-run states try to steal money from across the country to either fund their pet peeve projects or pay for their policy failures. This is blatantly clear if you dig into the garbage-loaded $1.2 trillion infrastructure package that was passed.

These inept liberal politicians will also push for funds to bail them out after they make horrific fiscal policy. New York and California are the worst. Of course, Schumer is a U.S. Senator from the second-most wasteful state in the country, New York.

This pair of radically progressive blue states also suffers from some of the worst crime rates in the nation. Now Schumer wants the whole country to fix the problems New York’s abysmal state government has created. Their audacity is astonishing.

First, Schumer praised the New York Governor for her interstate “Task Force on Illegal Guns”. Governor Kathy Hochul thinks her wild-eyed plans should be subsidized by federal funds. Other spend-happy, gun-grabbing Democrat governors are making similar demands.

Collectively, these inept liberals want millions of Americans, from all 50 states, to “foot the bill” to fix their failures. According to reports in the New York Post, Schumer is pushing for a $1.5 billion bill. Blue states, like his state of New York, will be paid money to finance these agencies.

Schumer insists, “So they can help with this work and do much more at the national level.” This is nothing more than another liberal gun-grab disguised as crime legislation. If New York lawmakers really wanted to fix the crime crisis, they’d target those responsible.

Crime isn’t about the guns, it’s about the criminals. But no, these self-proclaimed liberal ideologues want to suck money from legal gun owners to fund their assault on our Second Amendment rights. And that’s what it truly is; an attack on the “right to bear arms”.

The blowhards keep scheduling meetings to talk about curbing the gun violence on America’s city streets. However, Americans sit back and watch as they carve away the laws and penalties that law enforcement and prosecutors need to help stop crime. It’s a pointless charade.

Furthermore, it’s a tired, worn out narrative. The chorus line is always the same. If we get all the guns off the streets, there won’t be any more crime. This is the most bogus and pointless argument in history. It’s not logical.

When we strip Americans of the ability to protect themselves, you can guarantee that criminals will become even more emboldened. Gun task forces won’t take the guns away from the people who are using them to commit crimes. They want every single gun in the country.

Criminals will always get their hands on guns. That’s why we call them “illegal guns”. These senseless liberal buffoons will rip the guns out of law-abiding citizen’s hands. In fact, that’s the plan. It’s always been the plan. These liberal lunatics don’t want to stop crime.

They want to remove the Second Amendment from the U.S. Constitution. And now Chuck Schumer wants every U.S. taxpayer to pay for it. These out-of-touch liberals take Americans for fools. They might get their wretched paws on the money, but good luck getting the guns.

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