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Chuck Schumer Floats ‘Plan B’ For Filibuster – He Would Force Republicans To Hold The Floor For Weeks, Wear Them Down

Chuck Schumer Floats ‘Plan B’ For Filibuster – He Would Force Republicans To Hold The Floor For Weeks, Wear Them Down

What’s Happening:

With a red wave poised to wipe out Democrats in November, they are doing everything they can to save their stranglehold on the country. Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and other leftists want to radically change our election laws, so voter fraud and other schemes are impossible to stop.

But these changes won’t happen, thanks to the Senate filibuster.

Biden failed to convince enough Democrats to vote to remove the filibuster. It is unlikely their “voting rights” bills will see the light of day. But it seems some Democrats are coming up with a “plan B” to get around the filibuster. And it is truly a Hail Mary pass, that’s doomed to fail.

From The Hill:

These Democrats, including Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), are exploring the possibility of forcing Senate Republicans to actually hold the floor with speeches and procedural motions.

They hope that the Republican opposition may tire itself out after a few days or weeks and that Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) may be able to then call for a simple-majority vote on final passage and skip the formal procedural vote — known as cloture — on ending debate.

Democrats are trying to, once again, find a loophole out of the filibuster. This rule requires 60 senators to vote on ending debate over a bill so that a final vote can be held. If they can’t get at least 60 senators to agree, a bill will never reach a final vote.

But a few Democrats think they can get around this, by essentially going back to the speaking filibuster.

This outdated part of the rule was once used to block a final vote. As long as a senator holds the floor, they can keep talking to prevent debate to end.

That approach eventually evolved into the modern filibuster rule, to save time and keep Senate business moving. But what some Democrats are suggesting is so ridiculous, it would tie up the Senate for weeks, if not longer.

Democrats think they can force Republicans to debate until they run out of steam. That’s a long shot at best. These liberals underestimate Republicans’ willingness to block their toxic agenda. Even if Democrats were able to enforce this measure, there are fifty Republicans ready to go the distance.

Some legal experts say this trick won’t even work. Republicans can find loopholes of their own to extend debate indefinitely, ensuring Schumer’s voting bills still won’t reach a final vote.

What we can say about this idea is that it shows us just how obsessed Democrats are to get their way. All legal and democratic avenues have been exhausted. They simply don’t have the votes to push their agenda. Yet still, they keep trying to manipulate the system to force their agenda down our throats.

Is that really what our democracy is all about?

Key Takeaways:

  • Some Senate Democrats are mulling a workaround for the Senate filibuster.
  • They think they can force Republicans to debate for days or weeks, then force a vote.
  • Numerous historic and procedural hurdles make this “plan B” impossible.

Source: The Hill



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