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Chris Christie Just Flattened Joe Biden – The Former Governor Says Joe’s Presidency Is “Incompetence on a Monumental Scale”

Chris Christie just flattened Joe Biden with this brutal takedown. The former governor says Joe’s presidency is “incompetence on a monumental scale.”

The President faced many challenges in the first year of his administration, including the border crisis and skyrocketing inflation. Towards the end of 2021, his cabinet also experienced plummeting approval ratings.

Though many Democrats support Biden’s strides, many leaders think he simply did too little.

Last year, the President was quoted as saying America would “shut down the virus,” a quote that quickly received widespread circulation and scrutiny. At that point, Biden set the bar very high.

And former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie believes the President has failed to jump over that bar.

In a panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week,” he told host George Stephanopoulos that Biden’s approach to the virus “couldn’t have been more wrong.” He certainly isn’t the first to voice this accusation.

Christie specifically called out the lack of testing and the fact that Biden earmarked $1.9 trillion to deal with the pandemic.

Via The Daily Wire:

Well, he couldn’t be much more wrong than he’s been of late.

To be 22 months into this crisis and have people waiting on line for testing and not be able to get tests after he appropriated $1.9 trillion to try to deal with this when he first came into office is incompetence of a monumental scale.

Christie added that Biden needs to rethink his strategy, and first on the list is getting better at testing. But on top of that, he said the President “has set extraordinarily high expectations.”

That’s in regards to his “defeat the virus” proclamation, which most people say certainly didn’t happen.

Christie then tackled Biden’s overarching message concerning the vaccine:

It was the wrong way to go about this from the beginning. He oversold on the vaccines. It was never that the vaccines were going to prevent you from getting COVID.

It was going to prevent you from being hospitalized or from dying from COVID. So he set too high an expectation. He’s now not hit that mark. He’s failed on testing.

He needs a new story, George, and he needs that fast.

Many people have been wondering if the Biden administration could have done more, because while the Omicron strain was contained in America it became a huge problem.

Other people agree that the president and Democrat leaders oversold on vaccines, making claims that aren’t 100% accurate to push citizens to get the shot

All of this has led to widespread cynicism about the current team assembled on Capitol Hill. Many surveys show a startling lack of faith in Washington’s leadership, and it’s not getting better.

And if something doesn’t change dramatically in 2022, Democrats could quickly lose their grip on D.C.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former Republican NJ Gov. Chris Christie slammed Biden’s “monumental incompetence” concerning his pandemic strategy.

  • Christie said the President “couldn’t have been more wrong,” and he “oversold on the vaccine.”

  • If the strategy and message don’t change in 2022, it’s possible that America’s faith in the Biden administration could keep declining.

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