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China Olympics Suffers Triple-Whammy – They Just Got The Worst TV Viewership, A Bad Skating Fall, And A Putin Nap

China Olympics Suffers Triple-Whammy – They Just Got The Worst TV Viewership, A Bad Skating Fall, And A Putin Nap

What’s Happening:

The Winter Olympics is always a tough sell. There are fewer sports, fewer countries, and fewer competitors. You can’t always expect people to get excited about them. But this year, it’s even worse, since the games are being hosted by communist China.

Americans still want answers over China’s human rights violations. Pelosi might be demanding we say nothing, but that’s not going over well with the rest of the country. Add to that the fact the stadiums are empty, there’s little reason viewers want to tune in. And, as it happens, they aren’t.

From The Blaze:

Thus far, the 2022 Beijing Olympics have been an absolute flop. The ratings for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics hit all-time lows.

On Saturday, NBC Sports revealed that Friday’s full-day opening ceremony coverage averaged “nearly 14 million TV-only viewers.”

That’s a 43% drop from the last opening ceremony for a Winter Olympics. And the opening ceremony is the biggest event of the games. But that’s just the start for this Flopympics.

From Just the News:

China also faced internal strife as Chinese social media users blasted 19-year-old U.S.-born figure skater Zhu Yi, who is competing for China, after she fell hard during her first combination attempt on Saturday as she slammed into a wall, Fox News reported. She later stumbled on a triple loop attempt, placing last with a 47.03 score…

In a possible pointed snub from a world leader, Putin appeared to doze off when the Ukrainian athletes entered the stadium during the opening ceremony. He sat alone with his eyes closed as the team made their entrance, according to Fox News.

It seems this year’s Winter Olympics is crumbling, thanks to the many controversies the IOC ignored. The biased and compromised group that organizes the Olympics ignored complaints about China hosting it (again). And it seems that Karma is kicking them in the teeth.

The games are suffering from the worst viewership ever. Once upon a time, the Olympics would be a huge win for a network. Today, it seems like Americans would rather watch that pointless second season of Tiger King, than this mess. On top of that, more embarrassing moments have graced these games.

American skater Zhu Yi ditched her country to play for China. She performed horribly, placing last. She faced intense backlash online over it. Then there was Putin’s pathetic performance, seemingly dozing off during the opening ceremony.

It’s a sad fall, for games that were supposed to represent cooperation and community. Because of the IOC’s corruption, the world cannot even enjoy the Olympics. Perhaps things will improve in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • This year’s Winter Olympics suffer the worst ratings ever.
  • This comes with a variety of embarrassing moments.
  • Controversy hung around the IOC’s decision to let communist China host.

Source: The Blaze, Just the News



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