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CDC Makes ANOTHER Stunning Admission About 75 Percent of COVID Deaths

Corrupt bureaucrats, from Joe Biden to Dr. Anthony Fauci, continue to lie about the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve lied from the very beginning. Americans have been subjected to the worst fear-mongering in our nation’s history.

Healthcare policies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control have been radically confusing. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, and the disgraced Anthony Fauci, recently testified before Congress. Their testimony was wildly erratic and continued to avoid direct questions.

Trusted public health officials continue to gaslight the American people. The ineptitude and incompetence of these individuals has been astounding. Even with the slightest improvement in guidance, millions of lives might have been spared.

Since taking office in January, the Joe Biden COVID policy has been to force every American to get vaccinated. His unconstitutional mandates are now before the U.S. Supreme Court. They must be struck down.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has failed the American people when it comes to providing COVID-19 testing. The lack of testing is proof of a horrible COVID strategy. Other poor COVID policy decisions involve the production of and availability of therapeutics.

Millions of lives might have been saved if treatments took prevalence over mandated vaccines. True, the vaccines have helped. But with thousands of break-through infections, they are not a full-proof, preventative stopgap against COVID, despite what Joe Biden said.

Biden, Fauci and Walensky all told the American people that if they got vaccinated they would not get COVID-19. They lied. They also lied about potential lifesaving treatments. The focus should be on treatment. Treatment would have easily lessened the burden on hospitals.

There would have been healthcare professionals available to help those with compromised immune systems. These are the people who are far more prone to die from the virus. A new CDC study shows that a vast majority of COVID-19 deaths had extensive co-morbidity.

Over 75 percent of COVID deaths had at least four existing co-morbidity conditions. A policy more dedicated to treatment and therapeutics would have offered hope for many of these people. COVID-19 is a deadly virus.

However, it has proven to be far deadlier to those people who suffer from any number of compromising health conditions. These people were a prime target of an opportunistic virus. It’s sad. Healthcare policy let them down.

COVID is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. COVID is a pandemic of the inept bureaucrat. Horrible policy decisions by Joe Biden and his appointed minions, Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky, are all culpable in the unnecessary deaths of millions of Americans.

Some of the most destructive policy decisions in history compounded the worst public health crisis in over a century. Millions of people have died because of COVID-19. Sadly, an awful lot of those died unnecessarily.

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