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CDC Data Shows That More Children Will Die From the “Cure” Than Will Die From the Disease

CDC Data Shows That More Children Will Die From the “Cure” Than Will Die From the Disease

Americans, who are reluctant to get the COVID vaccination, even those with valid reasons, are being shamed and ridiculed. Joe Biden is even attempting to level a tyrannical vaccine mandate on hardworking Americans.

Biden, including his bureaucratic blowhards such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, has falsely called any new COVID cases “the pandemic of the unvaccinated”. They are lying. Vaccinated people are being stricken with COVID almost as readily as are the unvaccinated.

The problem is, they have been lying since the first case of COVID leaked out of a virology lab in China. However, and possibly the most senseless lie, is the push to get “the jab” into innocent children. This coercing of kids to get vaccinated is creepy and sinister.

Furthermore, new data from the Center for Disease Control and big pharmaceutical is showing that it’s more than just unnecessary; it’s dangerous. The risk assessment being reported by the CDC and big pharma is astonishing. The decision to vaccinate children boggles the mind.

Even the most liberal pundit cannot distort the facts from this data to manipulate them as anything close to being logical. Despite a supposedly noble objective to save a few lives, COVID vaccinations are reportedly going to kill more kids than they save.

Who are these insane, money-hungry morons trying to save? This is even more preposterous when you consider that Joe Biden and the corrupt Dr. Fauci are espousing to stick “the jab” in the arms of every child from newborn on up.

For now, the data are only concentrating on children between the ages of 5 and 11. Again, if these projections are true, this is not only preposterous but abominable. How in the world could any agency trusted with national health policy decisions be okay with killing children?

This push to vaccinate children goes totally against the science. There is an enormous amount of evidence against children needing to get vaccinated at all. In combined data from five studies, Stanford researchers pinpointed a median infection fatality rate (IFR) for kids at 0.0027 percent.

To suggest that children are at risk of dying from COVID is beyond reckless; it’s unconscionable. If you take data from various COVID studies done on children, the risk is virtually identical to the flu. Kids are not viable carriers of COVID, and they rarely get sick.

Furthermore, looking at the Number Needed to Treat (NNT), the scale used to gauge the necessity of a vaccine, the CDC’s results violated over half of their guidelines. The CDC’s own research says it will kill more kids with a vaccination than it will save.

This is insane. However, it should not come as any surprise. Most of the COVID policies have been poor at best, most bordering on total insanity. Lockdowns did not work. Masks provide only minimal protection for anyone other than the extremely immune-compromised.

Social distancing has been debunked to a large degree. However, when corrupt bureaucrats cannot even follow their own research data, it erodes what little public trust is left in them. Now they’re trying to poke COVID jabs into all our children’s arms.

How many kids will have to unnecessarily die from a shot they do not even need before someone cries out in anger. Some parent is going to lose their child, not to COVID, but because of tyrannical government bureaucrats. When will America say, “Enough is enough”?

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