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CBS Host Stunned NOBODY in Focus Group Believes America is in a Better Place Under Biden Regime (VIDEO)

Never in the history of the United States have we witnessed more policy failures and ignorant decisions by a U.S. President. Joe Biden has botched everything he’s touched. At the one-year anniversary of his inauguration, he has been an abject failure.

Even the two pieces of legislation that the Biden administration proclaims as victories had nothing to do with him. A foundation for COVID-19 legislation, The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, was already being created before Biden took office.

His self-proclaimed “big win” for passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill had little or nothing to do with Joe Biden. While both Republicans and Democrats voted to pass H.R. 3684 with compromises, a huge chunk of the $1.2 trillion package has nothing to do with infrastructure.

The only two things Joe Biden keeps bragging about as administrative victories are not. Everything else he has attempted has failed. The Biden southern border policy has created a national security and humanitarian crisis.

Joe Biden’s sense of commitment to the radical progressives in his party eroded American energy independence. Americans have watched Joe Biden’s policies drive up the price of gas. Likewise, inflation is higher than at any point in nearly four decades.

Joe Biden’s rigid adherence to a poorly thought-out strategy to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan embarrassed the United States. Biden made a fool of himself and our great nation. Likewise, crime across the country has spiked during Biden’s first year in office.

He has no plan to address it. Like all the other Biden blunders, Sleepy Joe and his handlers offer no apology and, worst of all, no plan. Joe Biden has taken a nation struggling to crawl out from under a devastating global pandemic and made everything worse.

Americans are not pleased. A vast majority feel Joe Biden has made “America worse”, not better. CBS hosted a group of six people during its Sunday broadcast of “Face the Nation”. Host Margaret Brennan interviewed the six-person panel.

CBS has been listening to various opinions and viewpoints from Americans throughout the pandemic. The questions they followed have involved things such as the economy, the border, and, of course, COVID-19.

During the interview, Brennan asked one pointed question. She asked the six members of the panel, “Who feels like we are in a better place now than we were a year ago?” Being part of the liberal mainstream media, Brennan was astonished by the response.

Collectively, all six members of the panel said, “no”. Most were emphatic. Brennan was so shocked by the answer, she repeated her question, “No one believes we are in a better spot?” Every member of the panel stuck to their answer. There were Biden voters on this panel.

One independent voter, Beth, bemoaned, “I just don’t understand. I thought this is going to be a president for the people of the people.” No one on this panel would be accused of being an ardent supporter of President Trump, either. The panel was moderate to leaning left.

This makes the revelation even more striking. These people clearly disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance. Some even supported him during the 2020 Presidential Election that he stole. These people reveal what’s becoming an increasingly prevalent opinion in the country.

Joe Biden is nothing close to what he said he was. He is both inept and a liar. Many conservatives would ask why anyone is surprised. While Biden has kowtowed to the radical left in the Democrat Party, during his decades in Washington, D.C. he has always been a liar.

Those stripes have never changed. Now, Joe Biden is a lying politician who is unable to govern. Joe Biden’s America is less safe, less secure, and less hopeful. In one year, he has destroyed our national integrity with our valued allies.

Biden has made a fool out of our country on the international stage. Americans are still suffering through a horrific pandemic, a calamity triggered by a leaked virus from a virology lab in Wuhan, China. Now they watch as the pandemic Biden swore to end gets worse.

Biden has done nothing to hold China accountable. Now, because of Joe Biden’s cowardice, the world is staring down a potential war in Eastern Europe. The price of just about everything is higher under Joe Biden, so Americans suffer from financial anxiety as well.

Americans don’t feel safe in their own homes. One year after he assumed office, there is very little to be happy about in Joe Biden’s America. How could CBS host Margaret Brennan be surprised? Her astonishment just proves that the liberal left lives in a bubble.

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