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Catholic Archbishop Summons People to Fight Back – “Those Who Resist the New World Order Will Have the Help and Protection of God”

Catholic Archbishop Summons People to Fight Back – “Those Who Resist the New World Order Will Have the Help and Protection of God”

Those people around the world who believe in personal freedom are watching with apprehension. Some may insist that a proposed “new world order” is something reserved for radical conspiracy theorists.

They are narrow-minded. They are being fooled. A deadly global pandemic has ripped back the curtain on government corruption. An elite ruling class is taking advantage of the COVID crisis to exercise authoritarian control over normal, God-fearing, everyday citizens.

It is happening at an alarming rate across dictatorial nations such as China and Russia. However, recent lockdowns and leaked video of COVID internment camps in places such as Australia prove the push for authoritarian control of the world is real.

In the freest nation on the planet, the United States of America, liberal leftists are trying to force a socialist ideology on the country. Ruling elites, such as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and others, aspire to be part of global government.

Thankfully, leaders around the world are speaking out against these self-righteous control freaks. Archbishop to the Catholic Church Carlo Maria Vigano is speaking out in resistance. The longstanding official of the Catholic Church recently spoke with the Gateway Pundit.

In the interview, Vigano insisted that our world is upside. He laid a great deal of blame on how governments have exercised control over people during the pandemic. However, he also stressed that anyone resisting this new world order “will have the help and protection of God.”

The Archbishop went on to say that people must remain vigilant. Those who are fighting against tyranny and oppressive government power are in a war. They must not be intimidated. Vigano pointed to the incessant attempts to delegitimize any and all dissenting opinions.

His reference seemed directly targeted at the wave of corrupt cancel culture edicts being used in the United States. He believed that it is his duty to warn the faithful of what is an obvious attempt to eradicate human freedoms all around the world.

Vigano was especially troubled by how the pandemic has been wielded to strike fear in people everywhere. Furthermore, he targeted the unfounded orders trying to mandate vaccines despite scientific evidence showing many have no need for such.

For an Archbishop, Vigano was very astute to the methods of the global elite. By mandating a vaccine, these power hungry tyrants are lining the pockets of the ultrarich. By manipulating the health of every common person on the planet, the citizens will beholden to government controlled healthcare.

This single grasp at control will further inflate the profits of the global elites. Vigano condemned Italy’s new vaccine overreach as a prime example of the “mark of the beast” mentioned in Biblical text.

He insists that the “green pass” vaccine proof is akin to an apocalyptic disaster that is designed to devastate humanity. Those with access to antibodies will be the only people able to survive without subjugating themselves to the ruling class.

The radical liberal Democrats, currently in control of the United States government, are part of this corrupt new world order. It is why our leaders kowtow to otherwise Draconian dictatorships like China. The corrupt Biden family ties to China are profound evidence of what is happening.

Other elite world leaders are part of the cabal. A global pandemic has given them a fast track to try to implement their control over the entire world. It is disguised as globalism. Massive illegal migration spawns the degradation of the strongest nations.

Projected climate catastrophes are just another tool in their arsenal. These crooked, self-righteous elites wield weapons of fear to control people’s minds. Thankfully, highly respected leaders are seeing what is happening.

Leaders such as Vigano abhor the left’s design for our world. It is wrong. These attempts by a few arrogant human beings are contradictory to the teachings of virtually every religion on earth, especially Christianity. We must not bend. We must not be intimidated. We must not lose.

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