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Canada’s Police Shutdown Of Truckers Backfires – They Just Forced Canadian Parliament To Close Its Doors

Canada’s Police Shutdown Of Truckers Backfires – They Just Forced Canadian Parliament To Close Its Doors

What’s Happening:

Not that long ago, leftists from all countries just love occupations. Remember Occupy Wallstreet? Remember CHAZ? Remember all those Antifa “demonstrations” where unwashed anarchists tried to take over police stations and courthouses? The left said nothing about these events and even applauded them.

But suddenly regular folks protest abusive mandates and the left is ready to pounce. Trudeau, who has not once spoken with the Freedom Convoy, is sicking his dogs on them. Police are telling the media to stay away (so they can’t film them arresting law-abiding civilians). And now, it has forced the government closed.

From Breitbart:

The Canadian parliament in Ottawa cancelled its Friday sitting as police action in the area began against the Freedom Convoy.

Following reports the Canadian police were breaking up the protest, parliamentary officials said their Friday session was cancelled…

It is also unclear whether any removal of protestors will be considered lawful as Parliament is yet to vote for emergency powers for the police to break up the protest, which if Parliament returns to normal on Monday will likely be voted through then.

The Freedom Convoy has been generally peaceful. They have not tried to disrupt Parliament. Nor have they “stormed” any government building or jeopardized anyone’s safety. Yet Trudeau is the one shutting down his own government by sending police to “crack down” on this peaceful demonstration.

Trudeau refused to listen to this convoy’s concerns. He’s called them racist and sexist from the very beginning. For a so-called liberal, he is shockingly closed-minded and fascist. His latest move has been to give himself “emergency powers” so he can clear away hard-working parents, who have been battered by his abusive rules.

The Parliament was shut down out of fear of what Trudeau’s cops would do. Does that sound like liberty to you? Does that sound like something a leader who respects his people would do? It sounds more like something Mussolini would have done, in the days leading to his humiliating defeat.

If men like Trudeau and Biden think this is the way to win elections, they are sorely mistaken. Canadians won’t forget what Trudeau did to his own people. And Americans won’t forget Biden encouraging him to do it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Canadian police are forcibly removing and arresting Freedom Convoy protestors.
  • They are trying to keep the media away, to hide what they are doing.
  • The operations have shut down the Canadian Parliament for the day.

Source: Breitbart



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