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Canada Makes Big Move Against Freedom Convoy and Funding Source

One of the biggest trends today among people who are looking for ways of earning more money or investing is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is still on top of the list has its the most popular cryptocurrency and it is worth the most.

There are several other big cryptocurrencies as well such as Ethereum and Dogecoin, but neither one of them has the support like Bitcoin has.

Now here is currently what’s going on right now. We’ve seen all the information regarding the Freedom Convoy in Canada. We’ve seen the money that has been raised on GoFundMe and how it was shut down and how the company ended up stealing that money from the donors and from the people who it was intended for in decided to give it to just whoever they felt like.

Then we saw the order from the Canadian government for GiveSendGo to not be able to give the money where the donors have designated at for as well. They decided to fight back against that order and as a result they were hacked.

Well, there are other ways of giving money and one of the ways is decentralized currency or cryptocurrency. Because of this, Canadian authorities has actually sanctioned 34 cryptocurrency wallets that were connected to the Freedom Convoy.

So, this is one of my big concerns with cryptocurrency. It’s boasted of being decentralized and as such unable to be confiscated by the government. But from what we’ve seen in recent times it can be confiscated and has been confiscated. We’ve seen it happen in China, we’ve seen it happen in the United States, and now we’re seeing it potentially in Canada.

However, there is more to this than just being able to sanction these crypto wallets and seize funds. One can simply just send the coins to another wallet, that’s not sanctioned.

This battle in Canada is not over and it won’t be over until Trudeau budges or every province overrides Trudeau.

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