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California’s Holy Grail Put To A Swift End – Democrats Never Even Got A Vote On State-Wrecking Universal Health Care

California’s Holy Grail Put To A Swift End – Democrats Never Even Got A Vote On State-Wrecking Universal Health Care

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden’s socialist spending plan died in the Senate. That failure had repercussions across the liberal world. Many states counted on billions of federal dollars being sent their way. Especially blue states, whose reckless leadership brought them to the brink of disaster.

Despite that major setback, Democrats in California were hurtling toward the edge. They still were intending to pass a bill that would have sealed the “Golden State” for good. But perhaps Biden’s failures hurt their plans more than they thought. Because Newsom’s “free” health care bill died without a vote.

From NPR:

California Democrats on Monday failed to gather enough support to advance a government-funded universal health care system, succumbing to intense pressure from business groups and the insurance industry in an election year…

While the measure would have created a universal health care system and set its rules, it did not say how much that system would cost or how the government would pay for it. Democrats had filed another bill that would impose hefty new taxes on businesses and individuals, hoping to separate the two issues.

Wow, Democrats really don’t get it, huh? They seem so hellbent on creating massive socialist programs, they aren’t even looking at the long-term damage they’ll cause. California Democrats were poised to pass a bill creating universal health care, without even a plan to pay for it! The bill didn’t even account for the massive costs this program would have incurred.

No, they were going to pass another bill, sometime later, with a tax hike to pay for. If you want a definition of insanity, you’ve got it. Thankfully, this health care bill died without even a vote.

Let’s be honest. Democrats were counting on Biden’s BBB bill to pass for this health care bill to work. Why do I say that? Because Biden and Congress were planning on increasing the SALT deduction. That would have helped high-tax blue states raise taxes because rich residents would be paying fewer federal taxes. But with the SALT changes dead, California was in a big pickle.

On top of that, Newsom was probably expecting other federal funds to float their way. Those funds would have paid for either California’s other social programs or the health care bill itself. That still wouldn’t have been enough to pay for the health care of tens of millions of Americans (and outsiders). So, they were forced to scrap the bill.

NPR and other liberal outlets are claiming “business groups and the insurance industry” killed the bill. Thank, God. Those businesses were saving California residents from a deadly blow. Liberals love talking about “free” government health care, claiming it works in other countries. What they neglect to tell you is that socialist health care is failing all over the world. And that it places a huge tax burden on working people.

Not to mention how subpar government-run health care is. Or do you want the people who botched the 2020 crisis providing your care?

Key Takeaways:

  • California’s “universal” health care bill failed without a vote.
  • This comes as Biden’s massive spending bill failed last year.
  • The bill would not include a price; a second bill would have included massive tax hikes.

Source: NPR



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