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California Schools Prepare for Dumbing Down of Americans by Phasing This Out of High Schools

At some point, Americans must appreciate that we are inadvertently creating a generation of snowflakes. First, there was a push to award a trophy to every kid, regardless of where they placed. Winning effort is marginalized in an effort to be sensitively “all-inclusive”.

Sure, it’s great to encourage children to improve on their performance. Nevertheless, such feel-good policies to supply everyone with an award diminish all the hard work and dedicated effort of those who excelled. Why put in extra work and effort if you’re going to get a trophy anyhow?

Well, in typical liberal “everybody gets a trophy form” California schools are taking the approach to a new level. Schools have long used an award system called grades. Unfortunately, if students fail to apply themselves, and do the work, they earn less-than-flattering marks.

Liberal proponents of this policy insist that it will help reengage students as students resurface out of remote learning. Logically, four heavily liberal parts of a liberal state are at the forefront of these seemingly innocent changes in the common practice of grades.

Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and San Diego schools are among the districts phasing out marks below a C. In addition, students who fail final exams or don’t complete the required assignments necessary to earn credit for a class, will receive an “incomplete”.

One board director from the Oakland Unified School District didn’t agree with ending all failing grades. Board director Sam Davis insisted that, “the D grade should be dropped, but students should still be given the appropriate grade if they fail.”

This theory might further divide students. Now everyone would either be sufficiently accomplished above average or an abject failure. Some schools have implemented an even stranger option. Students can opt out of a letter grade and settle for simply pass/fail.

As the unexplainable push for “wokeness” continues, we must accurately appraise the consequences such will have. Offering rewards for lackluster, uninspired effort will fuel mediocrity first, and subsequently push society to a place where we condone failure.

Every person warrants encouragement to do their best; a “pat on the back” for trying. However, only those who truly exert the effort and dedication to excel can be rewarded for such. Poor grades in school are not a racist weapon used to demean students.

They are a fair and unbiased way to gauge school performance. Poor grades reveal poor performance or possibly a need for help. They do not indicate an inferior person. However, D and F grades attest to one fact; more effort is required to succeed.

Eliminating poor grades in school also undermines the dedicated hard work that strong students must exert to attain their grades. Having no method or system to monitor and grade poor effort undermines the good students.

As we continue down a dangerous path towards what some refer to as “wokeness”, we must acknowledge all potential consequences. Rewarding failure, or failing to justifiably label bad effort for what it is, will breed a nation of mediocrity. Our society will suffer. America will suffer.

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