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California Mother Takes Teacher To Court Over What Was Said To Her Daughter

One California mother with a daughter in the sixth grade has alleged that her daughter was recruited by teachers and then encouraged to change her name to a boy’s name while being asked to keep her mother in the dark about the whole situation, and now the mother plans to take legal action against the school district for the alleged actions taken.

The mother in question, Jessica Konen, has officially filed a legal claim targeting Spreckels Union School District, while claiming that Buena Vista Middle School teachers Lori Caldeira and Kelly Baraki “planted the seed” to try and convince Konen’s young daughter to think that she was bisexual, and then attempted to urge the daughter to think she was, in fact, a transgender boy.

The group representing Jessica Konen, the Center for American Liberty, has come forward and stated, “Teachers encouraged Jessica Konen’s daughter to change her name to a boy’s name as an expression of her new identity and specifically instructed her not to tell her mother about her new identity because her mother couldn’t be ‘trusted.’ Then, they gave her articles—and required her to read them—on how to hide her transgenderism from her mother. Still without Jessica’s knowledge, teachers and administrators created a ‘Gender Support Plan instructing faculty to refer to her daughter by a new name, male pronouns, and to let her use the unisex teachers’ restroom.”

As noted by a statement of facts and claims put forth by the Center for American Liberty:

Ms. Caldiera and Ms. Baraki operated the Buena Vista Equality Club, a club for students comprised primarily of students that they had identified as potential LGBT+ students. … Ms. Caldiera and Ms. Baraki took measures to keep students’ participation in the Equality Club and new LGBT+ identities—including new gender identities and expression— secret from students’ parents. Specifically, Ms. Caldiera and Ms. Baraki: (1) instructed students that they should not tell their parents about their new LGBT+ identities and expression; (2) failed to keep Equality Club rosters or records so that parents could not discover their children’s participation in the club or new LGBT+ identities through a review of school records; and (3) held Equality Club meetings during lunch—as opposed to after school—so that students, who were too young to drive, could better hide their participation in the club and their new LGBT+ identities and expression from their parents.

Katelyn Pagaran was the Principal of Buena Vista. … Ms. Pagaran was aware of the Equality Club and Ms. Caldiera’s and Ms. Baraki’s tactics as set forth above and approved of them. In fact, Ms. Pagaran often attended Equality Club meetings.

While making reference to Konen’s daughter as “A.G.” the statement went on:

For the 2020-2021 school year, A.G.’s eighth grade year, Buena Vista continued remote operations, and if students chose, they could stay remote for the duration of that school year. A.G. chose to be remote for the entire school year. Although distance learning was difficult on A.G. (like many students), there was a silver lining—because A.G. was at home throughout the school day, she was no longer in the clutches of Ms. Caldiera and Ms. Baraki. Freed from their influence, A.G. began to return to her old self. A.G. started high school in the fall of 2021 in a new school district. At her new school, she goes by A.G. and she uses female pronouns.

Jessica Konen, who stated that the two teachers put forth information to her daughter on how to bind her chest in order to stop it from developing, stated to Laura Ingraham, from Fox News, “You wouldn’t expect a teacher to be predatorial toward a child. They’re supposed to be trusted. … Their tactics are disgusting.”


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