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BREAKING: Unhinged Monster Liz Cheney Hints Federal Charges Against President Trump, “The Mob Was Summoned to Washington by President Trump”

U.S. Congresswoman Liz Cheney may soon be the ex-representative from the state of Wyoming. It could not come soon enough for staunch conservatives. Embroiled in her own twisted agenda, Cheney has been ostracized from the Wyoming Republican Party.

However, as she clearly becomes more unhinged, Cheney continues to undercut even the slimmest chance of retaining her seat. Most experts believe that if certain candidates step out of the Republican primary, Cheney will not even earn a spot on the November 2022 ballot.

Her fall from grace began when she chose to side with nine other House Republicans to vote to falsely impeach President Donald Trump a second time. The Republicans in Name Only, (RINOs), tried to make the laughable insinuation that President Trump incited January 6.

Anyone watching the speech he gave as part of the “Stop the Steal” protests can clearly see this allegation is as bogus as the impeachment proceedings were. But Cheney kept on with her charade. She doubled down on President Trump, spewing hatred towards her own party.

It earned her a ticket right out of the Wyoming Republican Party. House Republicans took things a step farther. The party voted to remove her from her position as Republican Conference Chair. Since being ostracized by her own party, Cheney is giving new meaning to an old saying.

In a line from a 1697 William Congreve play, it goes that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” The problem with Liz Cheney is that she scorned herself. She is completely responsible for being blackballed by her own political party.

However, her fall from grace may be far from over. Since Cheney obviously held a bitter hatred for President Donald Trump, crazed liberals trying to pin the January 6 riots on the former president stuck Cheney on their sham investigation committee.

From the very beginning, Cheney has proven to be nothing but a liberal-leaning fraud hiding behind a Republican mask. She’s a fake. All Cheney, along with the rest of the bogus January 6 Commission, is trying to do is stop a successful return by President Donald Trump in 2024.

They have no desire to get to the truth about what really happened. Liberal Democrats are hiding facts. They’ve enlisted the services of crooked, fake conservatives like Cheney to perpetrate their scam.

The more these radicals open their mouths, the more obvious they become. Now Cheney, in yet another of her unhinged notions, thinks that somehow federal charges should be brought against President Trump.

Turning a blind eye to mounds of video footage and vivid evidence, Cheney blasted off that somehow “the mob was summoned to Washington by President Trump.” This may be the most insane assertion yet, from an obviously bitter and unhinged woman.

Did Cheney watch the video of President Trump’s speech? Sure she did. Has Cheney been afforded the opportunity to study video of the January 6 events? Sure she has. Liz Cheney has an agenda, and her agenda is revenge.

She cares nothing about the truth. No one on the January 6 Commission does. As they say, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” There’s also an old saying about vengeance. It says something about such belonging to someone far more powerful than Liz Cheney.

However, one listen to Liz boasting about herself, and you might assume she thinks she’s God. Liz sure thinks she is. Too bad, come next November, Liz Cheney won’t even be the U.S. Representative from Wyoming. Maybe then she’ll have more time to try to play God.

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