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BREAKING: FBI Reveals Brian Laundrie’s Twisted Journal Entry

The case of Brian Laundrie and the death of Gabby Petito is over. There is nothing left to investigate really, at least, nothing that could ultimately be answered.

There are no other persons of interest in Gabby’s death and so this is a closed case now.

On Friday though, the FBI made a final statement on the case and revealed some information that was very new to us.

We knew that they found the body of Brian Laundrie and also found some belongings of his including a notebook. It was unclear whether or not the notebook actually had any writing in it and whether or not it would have been legible.

Last year, I actually purchased a notebook and pen for my wife that isn’t affected by getting wet or the weather. It’s designed for birding but could be used for anything. The first thing I would wonder about them being adventurous people is whether or not they had one of these notebooks as well.

Regardless, the FBI found the notebook and were able to read some of what was written inside.

According to the NY Post,

Brian Laundrie admitted he killed girlfriend Gabby Petito in a notebook entry he wrote shortly before he took his own life, the FBI revealed Friday.

Laundrie also sent text messages between his and Petito’s cellphone in the days after Petito was strangled last summer in an attempt “to deceive law enforcement by giving the impression Ms. Petito was still alive,” the FBI Denver said in its final investigative update on the case.

I’ve said it before and we all feel this way, but this was a horrible tragedy that likely could have been avoided altogether. The guy was abusive and it they were even pulled over and admitted to the abuse. But why he took it so far as to kill her is unreal. Surely their fight could not have been that bad to warrent her death.

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