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Brad Raffensperger Claims Atlanta Suitcase Video is an “Urban Myth” Despite Video Evidence (AUDIO)

Brad Raffensperger Claims Atlanta Suitcase Video is an “Urban Myth” Despite Video Evidence (AUDIO)

If there wasn’t any sign of widespread fraud during the 2020 Presidential Election, then why is the radical left trying so hard to fight investigations into reassuring public trust? Why wouldn’t liberals want the truth to come out, so they could say, “we told you so?”

It’s because, as real facts are unveiled, the 2020 Presidential Election was consumed by fraud. Joe Biden stole the election. Biden and his liberal cronies had a lot of help. One place where these helpful little minions were exposed was at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Live video footage showed poll workers, first kicking out bipartisan observers, and then dragging out suitcases full of ballots hidden under tables. The anti-American cheaters keep insisting that this was nothing but “business as usual” during the vote-counting process.

Anyone with half a brain would realize this is a bunch of baloney. Crooked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger even referenced the reports as an “urban myth”. How a sitting Republican public servant could ignore the obvious is baffling.

The nearest anyone can come to a plausible explanation is that Raffensperger is trying to cover his own butt. Raffensperger is even accusing people of splicing the tape to make it look like something it was not.

Anyone watching the video of these suitcases being dragged out front under tables can clearly see the progression of movement was clean and unaltered. Again, those seeking the truth must ask why a high-ranking Republican official would flat out lie to help someone steal an election.

These same mysterious suitcases full of ballots were stuffed through vote-counting machines in the middle of the night. The counting was done when no one was present to verify the process. That act, regardless of the story behind the suitcases, is wrong.

Before the State Farm suitcase caper went down, Joe Biden was losing the election in Georgia. Funny, Biden somehow woke up ahead of President Trump. Magically, it appears Joe Biden was the first presidential candidate to win the state of Georgia since Bill Clinton in 1996.

The problem is, Joe Biden didn’t win Georgia. Like in other states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, Biden secured the critical electoral votes by cheating. He did not win the election. During hand recounts, some votes were mysteriously uncovered for President Trump.

However, none of the Georgia recounts explain the obvious chicanery that went on in Atlanta. The individuals who opened these suitcases and illegally counted the ballots are as guilty as those who benefited from them.

The facts surrounding the stolen 2020 Presidential Election continue to mount. Every new investigation unveils more direct evidence of fraud. Brad Raffensperger is right about one thing. There is a myth.

The myth is that Joe Biden honestly beat President Trump. The more times these crackpot liberals, and even their corrupt Republican supporters, lie try to cover up reality, the more they expose their guilt. Too bad Joe Biden’s presidency can’t become a myth.

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