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BOOM! Hoax Helper Kim Foxx Under Investigation After Her Role in Jussie Smollet Sham!

The vicious hate crime hoax that Jussie Smollett perpetrated on Americans was disgusting. It was blatant extortion of racial hatred. Smollett was found guilty on five of six counts for bamboozling Chicago law enforcement into believing homophobic racists attacked him.

His hoax was a direct attack on President Trump. It was a horrible abuse of the U.S. justice system, let alone public trust. The gullible and crooked mainstream media took the bait. They will always latch onto a story that meets their corrupt, racist narrative.

However, unlike many shrewdly astute Americans, liberal puppets within the mainstream media failed to acknowledge the dozens of red flags, indicating this was an obvious hoax. Illinois Judge Michael Toomin also believes that one key figure should never have fallen for Smollett’s lies.

Judge Toomin ordered the release of a 60-page report exposing Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx’s blatant mishandling of the hate crime hoax. Foxx is accused of providing false statements to both Chicago and federal investigators handling the Smollett hoax.

Foxx’s dropping of all 16 original charges triggered a special counsel investigation. Special Prosecutor Dan Webb compiled the report. Webb’s report uncovered copious amounts of evidence pointing out explicit violations and abuses.

The report spelled out several “major failures of operations”, but declined to suggest any criminal allegations. There were 37 interviews entered as evidence in the report. While details are still pending, none of these witnesses said there was clear evidence of criminal activity.

Regardless of criminality, Kim Foxx lied and misled law enforcement. Through her direction, the Cook County State’s Attorney Office was an integral part in a horrible hoax. Her actions are reprehensible. Former Judge Sheila O’Brien shared her views with FOX News’ Matt Finn.

O’Brien told Finn, “Kim Foxx is a liar and should resign.” Despite being consumed by the controversy, Foxx managed to win reelection in 2020. Now that the hate crime hoax has been exposed, including her culpability, Foxx’s tenure as county prosecutor should be terminated.

Foxx should either resign in disgrace, or be fired. Additionally, a referral to the Illinois Attorney Registration for ethics violations warrants even stiffer condemnation. Foxx should never practice law again. She is an unethical liar. Kim Foxx should be disbarred.

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