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Bomb is About to Drop in “Biggest Political Scandal in History” Following Durham Report (VIDEO)

The doors have been blown open and I’m sure that there are several people who are very afraid right now following the Durham report.

It may seem as though nothing has been going on since President Trump left office but what we are learning is that they have been busy this entire time and they have learned a lot.

Just this week we learned that Hillary Clinton in her campaign paid a tech company to infiltrate Trump Tower and then President Trump’s White House servers in order to link him to Russia. So they planted the evidence on servers at Trump Tower and then they tried to connect that link to President Trump while he was at the White House. This is way bigger than Watergate.

But according to Kash Patel, Who is the former chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense, This is just the beginning and things are about to get really good.

This is a lengthy quote from Kash Patel, but I believe that it is very important to make sure you understand what he’s saying:

“This story is the biggest political scandal and criminal scandal in US history… John Durham has interviewed 24 people in the Grand Jury to include, CIA case officers, FBI agents and directors, leadership in the Clinton Campaign cycle, and they’ve indicted her lawyer. So this is just starting. It’s how you build a criminal conspiracy case. And they’re not going to be able to ignore indictments once they start coming in… Michael Sussman and Marc Elias were the lead attorneys for the Clinton Campaign. They were paid millions and millions of dollars to perpetuate the Steele Dossier fraud. And now we know they were paid millions of dollars to go out and buy false information from a tech executive… And here’s the worst part. They secured a “sensitive arrangement” with someone in government to gain access to White House servers. That means someone in government gave them permission and paid the contracting tech executive company’s firm to allow that work to happen. That could only have been done with the utilization of the intelligence community willingly. And that to me is the biggest criminal scandal that we have yet to talk about… (on John Durham) He’s going to deliver. This guy is unraveling the biggest criminal conspiracy against a sitting president in the United States history.”

Be ready folks, because it’s about to get good.

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