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Bob Saget’s Cause of Death Revealed and Why It Doesn’t Make Sense

As we all know last month Bob Saget passed away. It was a bit of a shock to everyone because it was unexpected. From what we know Bob wasn’t in any sort of bad health. He was just going about living life normally doing shows.

So when things like this happen out of nowhere it really puts us in a state of shock to a degree especially when it’s someone famous that we all love. Last month Betty White also passed away and while that was shocking and saddening it’s not as shocking as it was to hear about Bob Saget because Betty White was very old.

Another one that really shocked me was when Kobe Bryant passed away. That man was young and to hear that he died in the helicopter crash wasn’t gut-wrenching. When the notification popped up on my phone I literally gasped out loud because it was so shocking to me.

So we know why Betty White passed away we know why Kobe Bryant passed away we know why several other celebrities have passed away but what about Bob?

Well according to the story that we’re now being told they’re deducing that Bob must have accidentally hit the back of his head on something that day or that night and didn’t think much about it and just went to sleep so maybe they’re suggesting that he had a concussion or something.

“They have concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep,” his family said in a statement obtained by ABC News. “No drugs or alcohol were involved.”

Now well I don’t have anything to offer as contrary evidence to this I just do find it rather odd. I find it odd that he would have hit the back of his head on something ignored it and just lay down and went to sleep. I find it odd that if he would have hit his head really hard, hard enough to cause him to die fan his wife would have said something about that as well because he would have told her about it. I know that if I were out of town and I hit my head really hard on something. It would have told my wife about it it would have been something to talk about.

Some people suggested that he may have died as a result of getting the “poison dart” for the “you-know-what” but I don’t know. It was also reported that Saget was lying face up on the bed and that he had his arm on his chest something that would have been consistent with a heart attack however they’re saying that this wasn’t the case and that he did not suffer a heart attack.

So I don’t know what to believe maybe that’s really what happened maybe not. What do you think?

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