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Blue City Super Bowl Celebration Turns To Terror – You Won’t Believe What Police Were Busy Doing Instead

Blue City Super Bowl Celebration Turns To Terror – You Won’t Believe What Police Were Busy Doing Instead

What’s Happening:

The Super Bowl is practically a national holiday at this point. And, while it’s great to spend time celebrating a sports game, we always have to be on the watch. Because the corrupt powers that be will use any opportunity to grab power. Even during a simple football game.

The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals. And, to celebrate the victory, LA proved why it is the worst city in America. Thanks to leftist policies that reward criminals over citizens, the celebrations devolved into rioting.

From BPR:

Los Angeles Rams fans rioted to celebrate the Super Bowl victory over the Cincinnati Bengals late Sunday night, going so far as to vandalize a city bus filled with passengers.

In what has become an expected trend following a home sporting team’s championship victory, some Los Angeles fans took it upon themselves to block traffic on Grand Avenue in downtown L.A., the Daily Mail reported.

Things were worse further up North. While much of the world was distracted by the Super Bowl, Canada used brute tactics to clear away the Freedom Convoy.

From Townhall:

As Super Bowl LVI was being played, the police did move in and clear out the bridge, arresting two dozen people (via NYT):

“Canadian law enforcement officials said Sunday that they had reopened a major international bridge that protesters had been blockading for almost a week, raising hopes for industries the unrest had slowed to a near-standstill.”

You read that right. The New York Times, a newspaper that once stood for the rights of the people, championed the arrest and clearing away of citizens—so that corporations and corrupt governments could thrive. As people were distracted by a football game, Canada used cops to arrest law-abiding citizens who were simply protesting for their rights.

They cleared away the truckers from Ambassador Bridge, which they were blocking to send a message to Canada’s prime minister. Trudeau, however, has only smeared and lied about this convoy, accusing them of being racists and sexists. The establishment media has been on the side of the crooked government, refusing to support the protests (despite supporting rioters in 2020).

Meanwhile, Los Angeles “fans” rioted in their city after the game. Apparently, the LAPD had zero interest in stopping an actual riot, as these goons damaged property and endangered lives. Funny how liberal governments go out of their way to arrest peaceful demonstrators. But actual criminals they let run wild.

That’s all you need to know about Trudeau and American leftists.

Key Takeaways:

  • LA fans rioted after the Super Bowl victory, burning property.
  • Canadian cops arrested Freedom Convoy protesters during the game.
  • The liberal media has sided with establishment forces, not the people.

Source: BPR, Townhall



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