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Blexit Makes A Comeback Against Joe Biden – The President’s Approval Takes A Hard Turn Among Democrat Core Black Voters

Blexit Makes A Comeback Against Joe Biden – The President’s Approval Takes A Hard Turn Among Democrat Core Black Voters

What’s Happening:

Since Biden’s administration crashed and burned last year, his approval rating has nosedived. That’s largely thanks to Republican and independent voters giving him a failing grade. But his approval still hovers between 30-40% thanks to Democrat voters who refuse to see the light.

But that just might change pretty soon.

Biden promised to support the core bloc of liberal voters. He bamboozled voters in South Carolina, saying he’d never take their support for granted. Well, 2021 proved him wrong. Now, even black voters—who rarely abandon the left—are starting to reject old Joe.

From PJ Media:

During the first six months of his presidency, 9 in 10 South Carolina black voters approved of the job he was doing in the AP/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll. Today, only 6 in 10 approve of the job he’s doing…

“I’m just so disillusioned, I don’t know what to say. He let so much happen from the time he became president to the time that he actually introduced the [“voting rights”] measure, it was lost.”

Signs point to Biden losing the Democrats’ most important demographic, black voters. For decades, Democrats could count on black voters’ unwavering support. It was so strong, that any black voter who backed a conservative was considered a “traitor.”

Trump and Republicans worked hard to win over some black support. Candace Owens, a noted conservative writer, led “Blexit” a movement to get black voters to support the GOP. Even still, they managed to only garner a fraction of the black vote.

Yet it seems Biden is doing what Trump never could: drive black Americans away from the Democratic Party. Hey, this guy may have been Obama’s VP, but he’s no Obama.

Biden’s terrible leadership has triggered a variety of economic problems. Those kinds of problems hit working-class families the hardest, and that includes a large number of black Americans.

How can they keep supporting a man like Joe, when they can’t fill up their tanks with gas, put food on the table, or find a good-paying job? Biden’s administration crippled America’s recovery, putting the hurt on black families everywhere.

Some of them are starting to see the light. And that could spell doom for the Democrats.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s support among black Americans is declining.
  • Some black voters are blaming him for the ongoing economic problems.
  • This comes after Biden claimed to “never” take them for granted.

Source: PJ Media



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