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Black Lives Matter Leader Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

It’s almost strange that we are once again seeing Black Lives Matter showing up in the media once again. It’s not quite the same as it was back in 2020 when they were showing up in the media for all sorts of riots and violence, those sorts of things.

This time things are quite different because every time that we’re seeing them mentioned in the news it’s because of something that they have are doing wrong or have done wrong.

They have lost almost all of their support that they once had because people on the left are finally starting to see that they are not everything that they once thought they were. Those of us on the right side have always known what sort of organization this is and what they stand for. We have been warning against it since the very beginning but nobody wants to listen.

We’ve reported recently about one of the co-founders of the movement and how she somehow managed to make millions of dollars over these past couple of years so that she can afford to buy multiple million-dollar homes.

That’s pretty bad but it’s to be expected honestly. It really doesn’t catch me by surprise nor does when I’m about to mention next.

The founder of Black Lives Matter in Memphis Tennessee, Pamela Moses, was just recently tried and convicted for illegal voting registration in Tennessee. Now she is being sentenced to six years in prison for this.

Apparently, she registered to vote while hiding felony convictions from 2015. That’s a big no-no.

“You tricked the probation department into giving you documents saying you were off probation,” Shelby County Judge Michael Ward told Moses in court, the Washington Post reported.

I’m just going to be honest why wouldn’t we expect someone who is in charge of this organization in any capacity to participate in something along these lines?

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