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Black Friday Takes on New Meaning in Liberal City Thanks to Mayor

Black Friday Takes on New Meaning in Liberal City Thanks to Mayor

Safety policies in liberal-run major cities across the United States have triggered a wave of crime and violence. Most appreciate San Francisco to be the epitome of radical liberalism. Homelessness and depravity are rampant in the once beautiful “City by the Bay”.

Over the last 24 months, things have grown increasingly worse for San Franciscans. Burglaries have skyrocketed at an alarming rate. People live in fear of being burglarized in their homes, and businesses shutter at the thought of being ransacked by looters.

So, in one of America’s signature cities for defunding the police department, the wacko liberal mayor, London Breed, has proposed a solution. Instead of adding a law enforcement presence in certain heavily burglarized districts, Breed is going to stop people from driving there.

Yes, we said that correctly. At the risk of kowtowing to San Francisco’s criminal element, Mayor London Breed says park, walk; don’t drive your car. Breed announced the changes at a recent press conference.

Her solution will immediately impact shoppers visiting San Francisco’s Union Square. Breed’s senseless policy, no one is sure how it will be enforced, is in response to a rash of burglaries in the area. Shoplifters recently targeted a number of high-end stores in the Union Square district.

What’s even more disturbing is the sense that these burglaries are organized. Eight suspects were apprehended robbing a Louis Vuitton outlet in San Francisco. Thirty-miles away in Walnut Creek, 80 robbers used crowbars to bust into a Nordstrom store.

The vandals assaulted and used pepper spray on Nordstrom employees. Witnesses insisted the event was strategically planned. City officials are portraying the recent spike in robberies as of epidemic proportions. There will be more police used to divert traffic, but not to arrest criminals.

This problem has plagued San Francisco for years. It is a direct result of a liberal bureaucratic ideology that is soft on crime. Walgreens has shut down 17 stores over the last 48 months, with another five scheduled to close their doors soon.

One retail store spokesperson lamented, “Retail theft across our San Francisco stores has continued to increase in the past few months to five times our chain average.” Other stores report that they are losing upwards of a $1,000 per day to retail theft.

An obvious problem is a statewide rise in the threshold for felony burglary. Now, because liberal Californian voters thought it a wise idea, the baseline for being charged with a felony for theft is between $400 and $950.

In addition, there are a shocking number of criminals arrested for retail theft who are not prosecuted or given only a slap on the wrist for punishment. California, especially San Francisco, is saying it’s okay if you want to steal, just don’t steal too much.

The spike in crime across America is because of insane liberal policies. San Francisco is one of the worst. So, to deal with people stealing, liberal Mayor London Breed is inconveniencing law-abiding customers.

Maybe a better idea would be to make the punishment fit the crime. Stealing not only hurts the businesses, it hurts the consumers. It spurs price increases and obviously prompts otherwise successful business to close.

America doesn’t need to be softer on crime, it needs to clamp down. However, as long as we have liberal lunatics like London Breed running the show, expect citizens to be inconvenienced, not the criminals.

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