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Big Pharma and Blowhard Bureaucrats Playing a Shell Game with COVID Vaccines

Big Pharma and Blowhard Bureaucrats Playing a Shell Game with COVID Vaccines

The world’s patience has been exhausted from dealing with the worst global health crisis in over a century. People are tired of endless lockdowns and unscientific mandates, all in the name of supposedly stopping a virus.

We were initially told to give these government bureaucrats two weeks of our dedicated obedience to “flatten the curve”. We must “follow the science,” or so we were told. Two years later, the curve has never been flattened, and apparently, it was never going to be.

The world has been literally lied to and maliciously manipulated. Many experts, dedicated professionals who have followed the pandemic throughout, point to the massive amount of money that some have purloined from the public.

While small businesses have been devastated, many shutting down permanently, big online companies such as Amazon have watched profits skyrocket. However, the biggest beneficiary of a constantly concocted COVID crisis is Big Pharma.

First, there were billions of dollars funneled towards developing a vaccine that was supposedly critical to so-called herd immunity and “flattening of the curve”. Even after vaccines were approved for use, fake news mainstream media outlets continued to use fearmongering.

Each time the world begins to feel a sense of relief, conveniently, there pops up a new variant. Reports blast across liberal news about resurgent numbers of cases, including breakthrough infections attacking the vaccinated. Mask mandates and country-wide lockdowns have returned.

The chorus continues unabated. Anyone paying close attention should smell a rat. That rat is our old friend, crooked Big Pharma. These insanely rich companies control the narrative. For good reason, companies such as Pfizer cheer every time there’s a spike in cases.

Recently, they’ve been especially concerned over the Omicron variant. The first analysis was a doom-and-gloom projection about how it could be potentially vaccine-resistant. Another variant, a more resistant version of the virus, means more dollars for companies like Pfizer.

Over the last few months, an additional shot, “a booster” was deemed an essential new health recommendation. Initially, it was suggested for the elderly and immune-compromised. This “booster” is now recommended for basically every breathing human over the age of five.

As the next vicious viral variant spread from Africa, Big Pharma puppets once again launched into their “Chicken Little-like” COVID narrative. It took only days for Big Pharma to suggest yet another “jab” was on the horizon.

Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla insists people will need a fourth jab sooner than expected. Not a single shred of scientific evidence has been presented to suggest Omicron, or any other convenient variant, will require additional immunity.

All the while, these money-hungry crooks are packing their bank accounts; no one is discussing the detailed research behind “natural immunity”. There are many scientific experts who believe having had COVID, and recovered, is monumentally a more robust defense than any vaccine.

Wonder why no one wants to talk about that “science”? As each new variant leaps onto the scene, there still won’t be any open debate allowed about such. The reasons are blatantly obvious, if we’d just open our eyes. It’s about money, not public health.

It’s about big corporation profits, not “flattening the curve”. Pfizer is primed to push for another booster shot, and another, and another, and another. We’re never going to flatten any curve until the world acknowledges the truth.

This virus truly has killed millions. However, a huge majority of these people might have been saved if only bureaucrats done their jobs and focused on protecting the vulnerable, not on exerting tyrannical power and control over the masses. Nevertheless, COVID is not a hoax.

A virus has killed millions worldwide. It leaked from a virology lab in China. It has been devastating. However, the way crooked politicians and greedy bureaucrats have manipulated people using the pandemic is unconscionable. It is criminal. The manipulation will never stop.

It will continue until people stand up to the hypocrisy. In the meantime, communities and small businesses are crumbling. Big corporations’, like Pfizer’s, profits continue to soar.

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