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Biden’s Words Come Back To Haunt Him – Videos Show Senator Biden Fighting Hard Against Nuking The Filibuster

Biden’s Words Come Back To Haunt Him – Videos Show Senator Biden Fighting Hard Against Nuking The Filibuster

What’s Happening:

In this new year, Democrats have been hell-bent on ending the Senate filibuster. Even Joe Biden, who is eager to salvage his failing “presidency” is urging Democrats to nuke this rule. This is the only thing stopping power-hungry folks like Chuck Schumer from ignoring the minority party and passing radical bills.

Is Joe Biden really on board with such a drastic move? From what he’s said recently, he is. Biden seems on board with whatever will help Democrats succeed. But that didn’t seem to be the case back in 2005. Both he and Chuck Schumer (both serving on the Senate at the time) spoke out against this “nuclear option.”

From YouTube:

As if that wasn’t enough, here he is saying it even stronger:


Back when George W. Bush was in power, Joe Biden was deeply worried about nuking the filibuster. With Republicans in control, he warned that ending this rule was a “fundamental power grab.” Because Democrats did not have enough votes, he claimed killing the filibuster was the “arrogance of power.”

What has changed since then? Oh, Biden is “president” and Democrats have a slim majority in the Senate. Without the filibuster, they could easily pass whatever bills they want and he’d sign them into law. Doesn’t that sound like a “fundamental power grab”? We have a Senate of 100 members for a reason.

Every member deserves a voice in the process. The filibuster, which requires 60 votes to end debate on a bill, means that even the minority party has a say. Why would Joe be so eager to silence a group that represents millions of Americans? Doesn’t he care about minorities?

I guess not. We’ve seen Biden flip-flop on issues before. But this is particularly shocking because it is a naked attempt by Democrats to grab as much power as possible.

Someone like old Joe should know better.

And in the end, Joe is right. Killing the filibuster is a fundamental power grab and the arrogance of power. It will damage our Constitutional system. Maybe Joe should listen to himself while his mind was still sharp.

Key Takeaways:

  • Videos surfaced from 2005 where Joe Biden rejected ending the filibuster.
  • He called such a move a “fundamental power grab.”
  • This comes as today, Biden is urging the Senate to nuke the rule.

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