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Biden’s Top Man Is On The Chopping Block – Lawmakers Demand The President Fire Ron Klain and 18 Aides

Biden’s Top Man Is On The Chopping Block – Lawmakers Demand The President Fire Ron Klain and 18 Aides

What’s Happening:

We know that Joe Biden isn’t the only one to blame for the disaster that has been this administration. Biden might be in front of the camera, but he has numerous staffers that make decisions behind the scenes.

Considering just how many fires this White House has started, this isn’t what we’d call a “crack” team.

One of the worst-performing members of Biden’s team is his chief of staff. Ron Klain has made numerous missteps, many that have shaken the administration’s agenda. It’s gotten so bad, that officials in D.C. are calling for his removal. But not just him.

From The Blaze:

Critics say that Klain has pushed the administration leftward on a number of crucial policy issues, resulting in a seemingly perpetual series of blunders…

Democratic leaders in Congress appear to be growing increasingly frustrated with Klain.

One senator is even suggesting a new rule that would ensure White House turnover.

From The Washington Examiner:

Indiana Sen. Mike Braun, playing off the theme of Groundhog Day, called for White House staff “term limits” on Wednesday to bring fresh ideas to the one building that recycles former aides the most of any in Washington.

In an unusual report targeting the “swamp,” he named 19 top Biden aides, led by White House chief of staff Ron Klain, who should be swept away first.

Sen. Braun is calling for term limits for White House staff. It’s no secret that presidential administrations recycle aides more than any other agency in Washington. And Biden’s could be the worst, dragging back old Obama aides (who did little even back then!).

Braun even referenced Groundhog Day, as a shot at how often White Houses repeat the same, failed policies. All thanks to the same, failing staff.

Braun is calling for the immediate firing of 19 staff, including Ron Klain. Klain is one of Biden’s biggest proponents for radical socialist policies. His lack of decorum and discipline online has jeopardized the administration’s agenda. A careless retweet even cost them a Supreme Court win.

How stupid do you have to be to retweet something that undermines a major Supreme Court case? Yet this is the “caliber” of people Biden has working for him; leftists who are entrenched in D.C. with nothing of value to give to the country.

If Congress managed to pass a bill to set term limits for White House staffers, it would be the height of hypocrisy. While we support the removal of Klain and all the other dead weight in the Biden administration (including Biden and Harris), it would be odd for lawmakers to create term limits for staff—while they’ve defied term limits for themselves.

But if this plan goes through, who knows? Perhaps we can see entrenched congress members like Pelosi finally get the boot.

Key Takeaways:

  • Braun is calling for term limits for White House staff.
  • This comes as the White House recycles more staff than any other office.
  • Top of the list for firing is Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

Source: The Blaze, The Washington Examiner



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