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Biden’s Border Situation Spins Out Of Control – Leaked Photos Show Thousands Huddled In Makeshift Facilities

Biden’s Border Situation Spins Out Of Control – Leaked Photos Show Thousands Huddled In Makeshift Facilities

What’s Happening:

When Biden entered office, he ended many border policies put into place by Donald Trump. He claimed Trump was wrong to secure our border, claiming his decisions were “cruel.” Almost immediately, our border exploded as hundreds of thousands of migrants rushed to enter our country. Since that time, the problem has only gotten worse.

Biden has worked overtime to hide what is going on at the border. He apparently has gotten better at distracting the MSM, who don’t seem to care anymore. But they might start caring once again, along with the country, as these shocking leaked photos go viral. Biden will not escape this scandal.

From The Washington Examiner:

Disturbing photos obtained by the Washington Examiner show the misery wrought by a massive surge in illegal migration in western Arizona: thousands of people stranded in overcrowded makeshift facilities amid soaring COVID-19 infection rates and no sign things will get better anytime soon.

Four people familiar with the dire situation, and the Biden administration’s botched response, said the photos underscore the danger the migrants, border officials, and the remote community of Yuma are living under amid the crisis.

Here’s what it looks like, folks:

And even worse:

Who was cruel again? Leaked photos reveal the squalid conditions border jumpers face in detention centers in Yuma, Arizona. Because Biden refuses to secure our border, tens of thousands of migrants continue to flood the area.

Biden’s crooked administration refuses to send these people home, but he can’t legally let them into our country. So, thousands of them are stuck in detention centers as disease spreads rampant.

Photos show families forced to live under tarps and makeshift tents. They are crowded together in hallways, without even beds to lie on. It’s unclear how much food or supplies they have access to. They are unlikely given ample access to bathrooms or showers. Meanwhile, fear of sickness is a norm.

This despicable situation is on Biden now. The Supreme Court twice ordered him to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy. If he had been following those orders, none of these people would be suffering these conditions. They would have been required to wait in Mexico until their asylum cases were decided.

Instead, they are treated worse than cattle in these ramshackle centers. How can Biden justify this situation? How did he think he could hide this from America? Can Democrats really hold their heads high, knowing this is the kind of thing they are defending?

If there was ever a reason to investigate a president, this is it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaked photos reveal the shocking conditions of migrant detention centers in Arizona.
  • Biden has refused to follow the Remain in Mexico policy, leading to crowded facilities.
  • Migrants are forced to suffer poor conditions, as the administration fails to control the situation.

Source: The Washington Examiner

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