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Biden Repeats His Afghanistan Disaster – Spox Admits They Don’t Know How Many Americans Are In Ukraine, No Military Evacs

Biden Repeats His Afghanistan Disaster – Spox Admits They Don’t Know How Many Americans Are In Ukraine, No Military Evacs

What’s Happening:

They say history repeats itself. But we never thought it would happen, this quickly. After Biden’s reckless remarks about Russia last week, many fear it will invade Ukraine. NATO is scrambling forces as Putin amasses a reported 100,000 troops along the border. Our Pentagon might send 8,500 troops, but that appears to be far too few.

Reports are getting out that the administration is trying to get our Embassy staff out of the country. Of course, they are doing a bang-up job. The State Department wasn’t sure if they could get all of the ambassador families out. And now, they are admitting they can’t be sure they’ll get out all Americans in Ukraine.

From YouTube:


President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said there is no “plan” for a military evacuation of Americans who may be stranded in Ukraine, during the White House press briefing on 1/24/2022.

Worse than that, they don’t even know how many are in the country!

From YouTube:


President Joe Biden’s State Department spokesman Ned Price said, “we do not have a count” of the number of Americans in Ukraine, during the State Department press briefing on 1/24/2022.

We might be witnessing another Afghanistan fiasco erupting in front of our eyes. As fears build that Russia will invade Ukraine, Biden is scrambling to get Americans out of the country. You probably remember how badly he botched the Afghanistan evacuation.

Nobody was supposed to flee Afghanistan. According to Biden, the Taliban would not take over. Yet in a matter of weeks, American ambassadors were struggling to board a helicopter in an image that eerily mirrored the fall of Saigon. Thousands of Americans were left stranded as the U.S. botched the evacuation of civilians.

Now, it seems they are doing it again. Can’t this administration plan ahead? Do they have any idea what they are doing? This problem with Russia didn’t happen overnight. Putin was threatening to invade for a long time. If Biden’s State Department or Pentagon believed the conflict would erupt, they should have been getting ready months ago.

Yet it seems this administration is lurching from one crisis to another. They are only able to put out fires—and badly at that. A good leader can foresee problems and make plans. Hasn’t Biden been a leader for 40+ years? And wasn’t he Obama’s foreign policy advisor? Yet he didn’t think ahead on this?

And if Ukraine goes, what about Taiwan, which China is looking at like a Thanksgiving turkey!

Key Takeaway:

  • The Biden administration admitted it will not be able to get all Americans out of Ukraine.
  • The State Department revealed it did not know how many citizens were in the country.
  • This comes as Russia appears to be preparing to invade Ukraine.

Source: YouTube, YouTube



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