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Biden Pulls The Rug Out From Mainstream Media – He Claims In 4 To 5 Years, Many Are Heading South—But Not Fox

Biden Pulls The Rug Out From Mainstream Media – He Claims In 4 To 5 Years, Many Are Heading South—But Not Fox

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden’s press conference was a total failure. Critics are tearing apart the shocking things he said. And it seems his biggest opponent now is not one anyone expected.

Republicans are having a field day commenting on what he said. Some of the more sober among them warned that he is setting the stage for global problems.

But Biden’s biggest enemy right now might be the MSM. It’s no secret they are getting more and more aggressive with old Joe. They are still much nicer than they were with Trump, but it’s safe to say the kid gloves are coming off.

Biden doesn’t really like it when the media actually challenges him. So, that could be why he made this shocking prediction about most of them. From The Daily Wire:

At his widely panned press conference on Wednesday, his first in 10 months, President Joe Biden forecast that Fox News Channel would likely continue to broadcast for some time while its cable news competitors such as CNN and MSNBC will be “not very much in the mix in the next four to five years.”

Did you ever imagine you would hear Biden saying the mainstream cable news channels could be gone in the next 4 or 5 years, except for Fox News?

The only one he thinks will survive is Fox News, a channel known for being confrontation to liberals. Fox News is widely watched by both Republicans and Democrats, because it is considered more balanced than the heavily biased CNN or MSNBC.

But for Biden to make this prediction? Biden tried to deflect from his own failing polls by commenting on news networks’ struggling numbers. This could have been a potshot against outlets he thinks aren’t giving him a fair shake. A veiled attempt at attacking the media, which he thinks is too often confrontational.

Or, he was just trying to distract from his own problems. Either way, telling the very people they will be out of a job in five years—who are questioning him? Not a smart move. Perhaps that is why today’s coverage of Biden’s presser has been so severe? Media outlets don’t like getting criticized by anyone, not even a Democrat.

But it’s just another example of how Biden’s event went down in flames.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden criticized most media outlets during his press conference.
  • He said, aside from Fox, most will be out in four to five years.
  • This comes as criticism over his press spreads far and wide.

Source: Daily Wire



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